The Ed Palermo Big Band w/ Napoleon Murphy Brock
Sellersville Theater
Sellersville, PA
Sunday August 30th, 2015

Early Show [61:40]:

Source: DPA 4061 (on glasses) > DPA MMA6000(low cut off) > Sony PCM-M10(24/44.1kHz)

Row: K Seat 6

Lineage: WaveLab 7.2.1> UAD-2(editing/mastering) > .wav @24/44.1kHz> UV22HR> .wav @16Bit/44.1kHz > CD Wave> Traders Little Helper> flac16(level8-tags)

Recorded and mastered by Alex Ford
Tracked, Flac'ed and original seed by Adam Axel (404 Not Found)

01. Twin Peaks Theme (Badalamenti)
02. Hot Fun In The Summertime (Sly+The Family Stone)
03. Peaches En Regalia (Zappa)
04. Willie The Pimp (Zappa)
05. The Torture Never Stops (intro only) (Zappa)
06. We Love You (Rolling Stones)
07. G Spot mashup:

I. G-Spot Tornado (Zappa)
II. We Love You (Rolling Stones)
III. Caravan (Duke Ellington)
IV. Rockin’ In Rhythm (Duke Ellington)

08. Moggio (Zappa)
09. As You Said (Jack Bruce)
10. Big Swifty #1 (Zappa)
11. Marqueson’s Chicken (Zappa)
12. Big Swifty Coda (Zappa)
13. Florentine Pogen (Zappa) *
14. Can’t Afford No Shoes (Zappa) *
15. Barefootin' (Robert Parker) *
16. Stinkfoot (Zappa) *
17. Apostrophe (Zappa)
18. Echidna's Arf (Zappa) *
19. Emperor Of The Highway (Todd Rundgren) *
20. King Kong (Zappa)
21. Tomorrow Never Knows/We Love You mashup (Beatles/Rolling Stones)
22. 21st Century Schizoid Man (Robert Fripp)

Late Show [73:42]:

Source: Shure VP88 (MS Mode), Telefunken M60's/TK62 HC Caps, Neumann KM100/AK43 WC Caps >
Zoom F8 - 6 Track recording at 24Bit/96kHz .wav

Row: Q Seat 8

Lineage: Zoom F8 Mixdown - 2 track Stereo> Nero Wave Editor - tracking & saving as 16Bit/44.1kHz .wav>
Traders Little Helper> .wav to FLAC 8

Recorded, Edited & Transfer by: Adam Axel

01. Directly From My Heart To You (Little Richard via Zappa)
02. Waka Jawaka #1 (Zappa)
03. Torture Never Stops (intro only) (Zappa)
04. Open Up Said The World At The Door (The Move)
05. Zoot Allures (Zappa)
06. Waka Jawaka #2 (Zappa)
07. Igor's Boogie (Zappa)
08. Dirty Love (Zappa)
09. The Young Person's Guide To The Big Band:
10. The Slide Trombone Guild (Wizard of Oz)
11. Concentration Moon (Zappa)
12. Music To Watch Girls By-trumpet demonstration
13. My Three Sons-saxophone demonstration
14. Spanish Flea-another trumpet demonstration
15. Copy Infringement Boogie:
I. Little Miss Lover (Hendrix)
II. Voodoo Chile (Hendrix)
III. Foxy Lady (Hendrix)
IV. Who Knows? (Hendrix)
V. Big Swifty (Zappa)
VI. King Kong Zappa)

16. Walk On The Side (Lou Reed)
17. Wicked Witch Theme (Wizard of Oz)
18. Evil Prince (Zappa) *
19. Zomby Woof (Zappa) *
20. Fire (The Crazy World of Arthur Brown) *
21. Don't You Ever Wash That Thing (Zappa)
22. Show Finale-massive mash up comprised of themes heard throughout the night
I. RDNZL (Zappa)
II. 21st Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson)
III. Big Swifty (Zappa)
IV. King Kong (Zappa)
V. Keep It Greasy (Zappa)
VI. Hot Plate Heaven (Zappa)
VII. What's New In Baltimore (Zappa)
VIII. Don't You Ever Wash That Thing (Zappa)
IX. Good Vibrations (Beach Boys)
X. Happy Together (Turtles)
XI. G Spot Tornado
XII. Twin Peaks Theme (Badalamenti)


23. Muffin Man (Zappa) *
24. Uncle Remis (Zappa) *
25. Hot Fun In The Summertime Reprise (Sly Stone) *
26. Waka Jawaka #3 (Zappa)
27. Inca Roads Finale (Zappa)


- * with Napoleon Murphy Brock - vocals, guitar

- Thanks to Adam (404 Not Found) for the late show recording and all tracking!

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