Ed Palermo Big Band
The Falcon ~ Marlboro Ny 2015 10 31
Halloween Night
The Torture Never Stops/Fifty Shades Of Frank
Aud/Sbd Matrix Mc

Ed Palermo Big Band - 2015 10 31 Marlboro Ny 117.08 Aud-Sbd Mtx Mc (Doctorzap-Hgi)

Set List
The Torture Never Stops (Early Show)
01. Intro (By Tony Falco) 1:23
02. Pojama People (Intro Only) 3:15
Good Morning, Good Morning (Beatles)
03. Welcome To My Nightmare/
The Torture Never Stops #1 (Alice Cooper/Zappa) 2:30
04. Halloween Mash Up (Including): 3:54
A. Black Sabbath
B. Psycho Shower Scene Music
C. Thriller
D. Munsters Theme
E. Tubular Bells From The Exorcist
F. Lumpy Gravy
G. Carmina Burana
05. Eleanor Rigby/In The Hall Of The Mountain King 3:48
06. Ed Awakes (Chat) 1:32
07. Innagadada-G-Spot, Baby-Mash Up (Including): 2:18
A. We Love You (Rolling Stones)
B. Innagadadavida (Iron Butterfly)
C. Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream)
D. G-Spot Tornado
E. Fifty-Fifty
F. Caravan (Duke Ellington)
08. Big Swifty#1 (Zappa) 5:31
Marqueson�S Chicken
Big Swifty Coda
09. Doc Brown Gets Down (Chat) 0:58
10. Pojama People/Peace Pipe (Zappa/Edgar Winter) 10:08
11. For All You Lip Biters Out There (Chat) 2:45
12. The Second Torture 1:48
13. Oh No 1:18
14. Why Is Ted Kooshian Barking (Palermo From The "Oh No Not Jazz" Cd) 1:43
15. Echidna's Arf (Of You) 4:04
16. A Catastrophe (Palermo From The "Oh No Not Jazz" Cd) 2:51
17. 21St Century Schizoid Man (Robert Fripp) 3:02
18. The Final Torture 1:49
Time: 54.43 Min.

Fifty Shades Of Frank (Late Show)
01. Welcome To Falcon After Dark 3:57
Between The Sheets (Isley Brothers)
02. Wild Love 8:52
Filthy Habits
Wild Love #2
03. Penguin In Bondage 7:24
04. Dirty Love 3:55
05. Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed) 3:49
Wild Love #3
06. Band Introduction 6:24
07. Bamboozled Slimey Pimp (Mash-Up Including) :47
A. Bamboozled By Love
B. I Am The Slime
C. Willie The Pimp
08. Whipping Post/King Kong (Allman Bros, Zappa) 6:14
09. Stevie's Spanking 1:31
10. Edward, The Mad Shirt Grinder/Shove It Right In (Nicky Hopkins/Zappa) 5:35
11. Show Final 1:41
(Massive Mash Up Comprised Of Themes Heard Throughout The Night)
A. Rdnzl
B. 21St Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson)
C. Big Swifty
D. King Kong
E. Keep It Greasy
F. Hot Plate Heaven
G. Innagadadavida (Iron Butterfly)
H. Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream)
I. What�S New In Baltimore
J. Don�T You Ever Wash That Thing
12. Whipping Post-Finale 3:28
Inca Roads Finale
13. Thank You, Tony Falco (Chat) 4:01
13. Good Night (Beatles) 4:41
Time: 62.25 Min.
Total Time: 117:08 Min.

Line Up:
Ed Hefner - Arranger, Sax, Voc & Smoking Jacket

Saxophone Section (With Flute, Clarinet, Piccolo & Oboe):
Barbara Cifelli
Dan Glaude
Cliff Lyons
Phil Chester
Drew Vanderwinkle

Trombone Section:
Matthew Ingman
Charlie Gordon
Daniel Linden

Trumpet Section:
Kathleen Doran
Ronnie Buttacavoli

Keyboard Section:
Blob Quaranta
Ludwig Von Kooshian

Rhythm Section:
Julie (Daughter Of Paul) Adamy (Bass)
Mistress Bruce Mcdaniel (Guitar, Lead Voc & Pain)
Ray Marchica (Drums)
Katie "Madison" Jacoby (Violin, Voc)

Music By Frank Zappa
Unless Noted Otherwise.

Arrangements By
Ed Palermo
With Bruce Mcdaniel

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered By Doctorzap
Edited, Cd Art & Design By Hughgotit 2015

Aud/Sbd Mc Matrix
(Doctorzap) 10/31/2015
Zoom H4N Recorder With Internal Mics,
+Soundboard>Wav 24/48 >Sound Forge Pro 11 >Trader's Little Helper
(Hughgotit) 11/17/2015
Reaper (Downsampling, Dither, Editing) Wav 16/44, Cd Wave Editor (Track Splitting)
Trader's Little Helper (Sbe Check, Wav To Flac [Level 8], Encode Check, Ffp)

To Ed & Co. What A Gifted Buch You Are!
To Ray Morelli Whose Dedication And Hard Work We Owe These Tapes To.
To Frank Zappa And The Other Talented Composers Listed Here.
To Tony Falco For Letting Ed Perform This Kind Of Madness In His Club.
- Hugh

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