with Special Guest
Napoleon Murphy Brock
The Iridium Jazz Club ~ New York City
Saturday January 9th, 2016
NIGHT 3 (OF 3)
Two Source ~ Audience/Soundboard Matrix

Ed Palermo Big Band - 2016 01 09 Iridium NYC 160.08 SBD-AUD MTX MC (TomNY-doctorzap-HGI)

set one
01. Celebration Mash-Up (chat) 4:02
02. Andy/Dog Breath March 6:51
Run Home Slow
Edward, The Mad Shirt Grinder#1 (Nicky Hopkins)
Andy/Dog Breath March (Reprise)
03. Eleanor Rigby Mash-Up 4:12
A. Carmina Burana Intro (Orff)
B. Eleanor Rigby (Beatles)
C. In The Hall Of The Mountain King (Edvard Grieg)
04. Definitely Maybe (Jeff Beck) 2:48
Edward, The Mad Shirt Grinder#2 (Hopkins)
05. Big Swifty#1 5:28
Marqueson�S Chicken
Big Swifty Coda
06. Pojama People 10:54
07. Florentine Pogen 9:08
08. Penguin In Bondage 6:05
09. Cheepnis 4:59
10. Story (Napi) Time 4:01
11. Do You Want To Know A Secret-Intro (Beatles) 6:22
Echidna�S Arf (Of You)
Edward, The Mad Shirt Grinder#3 (Hopkins)
12. Andy 7:27
13. Thank You (Chat) 2:36
Time: 75.00 Min.

Set Two
01. Poll To Nowhere (Chat) 4:26
02. Directly From My Heart To You (Zappa/Little Richard) 4:28
03. Great Gig In The Sky (Pink Floyd) 4:37
04. Pygmy Twylyte 5:09
05. Band Intro 3:26
06. Village Of The Sun 3:29
07. Son Of Orange County 6:17
08. More Trouble Everyday 7:17
09. Happy Birthday (Extended Version) 3:14
10. Be-Bop Tango Jam 3:37
11. Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed) 2:12
12. Beggar�S Farm (Jethro Tull) 9:46
13. Wicked Witch Theme (Wizard Of Oz) :51
14. Evil Prince 10:42
15. Zomby Woof 5:13
16. Fire (Arthur Brown) 3:20
17. Don�T You Ever Wash That Thing 1:36
18. We Are Not Alone 5:18
time: 85:08 min.
Total time: 160.08 min.

unless noted otherwise

Ed Palermo - arranger, sax, vocals

Saxophone Section (with flute, clarinet, piccolo & oboe):
Barbara Cifelli
Ben Kono
Cliff Lyons
Phil Chester
Dan Pierson

Trombone Section:
Matt Ingman (bass)
Charles Gordon (lead)
Michael Boschen

Trumpet Section:
Ronnie Buttacavoli (lead)
John Bailey

Rhythm Section:
Bob Quaranta (piano)
Ted Kooshian (keyboard)
Paul Adamy (bass)
Bruce McDaniel (guitar, vocals)
Ray Marchica (drums)
Katie Jacoby (violin, vocals)

Special guest:
Napoleon Murphy Brock - vocals, sax & street cred

Audience recording by TomNY aka: Tom R�tz
Soundboard mix by Billy Gastfield
Editing by doctorzap & HughGotIt
CD ART & Design by HughGotIt 2016

audience recording: TomnNY
Recorder: Tascam DR-07, with High Gain
Microphone: Sony ECM-719 (external Stereo Mic)
soundboard recording: mixed by Billy Gastfield (iridium soundman)
soundboard acquired by TomNY

Lineage production (2016 01):
(doctorzap): Sound Forge Pro 11 - audience/soundboard matrix
(HughGotIt): CD Wave Editor - (track splitting)
Trader's Little Helper - SBE Check, WAV to FLAC (Level 8), ffp

Thank you to:
The Ed Palermo Big Band, Susan, Tom, Ray, Bill & Napi.

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