Ed Palermo Big Band With Special Guest
World Cafe Live Philadelphia, Pa
June 30Th, 2017
Audience/Soundboard Matrix Mc

Ed Palermo Big Band - 2017 06 30 Philadelphia Pa Aud-Sbd Mtx Mc (Ccafiero-Drzap-Hgi)

Early Show
1. Good Evening, Philly! 2:08
2. Can We Still Be Friends Overture (Rundgren)
Don�T You Ever Wash That Thing Intro Only (Zappa)
Call Any Vegetable (Zappa) 3:43
3. Moggio (Zappa) 1:29
4. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (Rundgren) 1:25
5. Grand Wazoo (Zappa)
Birthday Carol Jam (Rundgren)
Grand Wazoo Reprise (Zappa) 7:53
6. Breathless#1 (Rundgren)
Uncle Meat (Zappa)
Breathless#2 (Rundgren) 4:42
7. Son Of Mr. Green Genes/I Saw The Light (Zappa/Rundgren) 9:08
8. New Release Announcement! (Chat) 3:35
9. Never Never Land (Rundgren) 1:59
10. Mother People (Zappa) 3:04
11. Just Another Onionhead/Can We Still Be Friends (Rundgren) 5:59
12. Teenage Nostalgia (Chat) 5:01
13. My Three Sons (Tv Theme From The '60S)
Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed) 2:13
14. Status Back Baby (Zappa) 2:12
15. Beggar�S Farm (Jethro Tull) 6:13
16. Band Introduction (Chat) 2:46
17. Can We Still Be Friends Coda (Rundgren) 1:16

Late Show
1. And We're Back (Chat) :44
2. Nothing Is Easy (Jethro Tull) 4:55
3. Village Of The Sun (Zappa) 4:08
4. Broke Down And Busted (Rundgren) 5:07
5. Spinning Wheel Intro Only (Blood, Sweat & Tears)
Echidna�S Arf (Of You) (Zappa) 4:03
6. Something In The Air (Thunderclap Newman)
Plastic People (Zappa) 7:58
7. Ed-Splaining (Chat) 3:32
8. The Steel Pier Medley 12:13
Lady Jane (Rolling Stones)
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Animals)
So You Wanna Be A Rock And Roll Star (Byrds)
Whipping Post (Allman Bros.)
9. Lucky Man (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) 3:18
10. Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden) 4:59
11. Fred (Allan Holdsworth)
Snake Oil (Tony Williams) 5:29
12. Don�T You Ever Wash That Thing Intro Only (Reprise) (Zappa)
Son Of Suzy Creamcheese (Zappa) 2:03
13. Brown Shoes Don�T Make It (Zappa) 9:08
14. Call Any Vegetable Part Two (Zappa)
Bang On The Drum (Rundgren)
Whipping Post Coda (Allman Bros) 6:37
15. Revolution Mashup: 4:56
A. Revolution (Beatles)
B. School Days (Chuck Berry)
C. No Particular Place To Go (Chuck Berry)

Arrangements By
Ed Palermo & Bruce Mcdaniel

Line Up:
Ed Palermo - (Arranger, Vocals)

Saxophone Section (With Flute, Clarinet, Piccolo & Oboe):
Barbara Cifelli
Ben Kono
Mark Phillips
Livio Almeida
Bill Straub

Trombone Section:
Matt Ingman (& Tuba)
Charley Gordon (Lead)
Jack Davis

Trumpet Section:
Scott Harrell (Lead)
John Bailey

String Section:
Bruce Mcdaniel (Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Katie Jacoby (Violin, Vocals)

Keyboard Section:
Bob Quaranta (Electric Piano)
Ted Kooshian (Electric Keyboard)

Rhythm Section:
Paul Adamy (Bass)
Ray Marchica (Drums)

Special Guests:
Nina Hennessey (Vocals)
Sam Riessen (Guitar)

Audience Recording By Chris Cafiero
Recorder/Mic: Tascam Dr-100/With Audix M1255B Mic
Soundboard Mix By Jake (In-House Soundman)
Editing And Matrix By Doctorzap

Lineage Production:
Two Source Audience/Soundboard Mc
(Doctorzap) 2017/07 : Sony Vegas - Editing > Aud/Sbd Matrix