Ed Perkins
Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival
Camp Street Stage
Lafayette Square Park
New Orleans, La.
Oct. 20, 2013

FM broadcast recorded by NOLATAPER, tracking, etc by Strangerer June 2014

Source: WWOZ-FM > RadioShark FM-receiver hardware > usb > Sony Vaio vpcs131fm (running Ubuntu linux) > Shark v1.0 (linux command line) > SoX v.v14.4.0 > flac (level 8 compression) > scp copy 1 large flac file > MacBook Pro (2.5 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) > SoX v14.4.0 > decompressed from flac to aiff > Bias Peak Pro (trimmed) > X Audio Compression Toolkit 2.23 (level 8 compression) > flac

Then FLAC > WAV (Traders Little Helper) > +4.5 and tracked in Nero 9 > fix SBEs and WAV to FLAC (Trader's Little Helper) > fix SBEs and WAV to FLAC, then FFP and MD5 (Trader's Little Helper) > Torrent VUSE

Note: This performance was not broadcast live. It was delayed by a few hours.

I've keep the complete broadcast, including station IDs, stage chatter and "dead air", but the tunes are in cuts 01, 03, 04, 06, 08, 09, 11, 12. So you can ignore 00, 02, 05, 07, 10, 13 if you just want the tunes.

I am pleased that my first torrent on DIME (courtesy of recording by NOLATAPER, I just split the tunes and made these notes) featurs some journeymen of New Orleans music scene. Many players like them who gig regularly in the city and are fluent in many or all of the flavors of jazz and r&b but have not yet been knighted with hit song or world fame. Ed Perkins had feature guest spont on Alvin Batiste 2006 Marsalis Music Honors Series but otherwise has been continuously active as a jazz/blues singer while holding down a day job.

Since this is a blues and bbq festival in New Orleans, Perkins and his quartet bring a r&b / blues repertoire to the stage, ending with a New Orleans medley.

From their chatter, it seems they opened the day for the Camp Street stage of the festival.

Ed Perkins - vocal
(somewhat "under construction" but best I could find at the moment for info on Mr. Perkins)
There are two CDs out of Ed Perkins Quartet but at this time seems you need to see Mr. Perkins in person to get them.

Don Levins - tenor saxophone

Julian Garcia - drums
(scroll down to see section on Garcia)

Andy Bourgeois - organ

Larry McCullough - guitar

00. 00:26 WWOZ intro
01. 05:13 "Shake, Rattle and Roll" (Jesse Stone composer, made famous by Joe Turner
02. 00:28 Stage talk
03. 06:17 "Just Because" (Larry Addison composer, made famous by Johnny Taylor)
04. 05:38 "Down Home Blues" (George Jackson composer, made famous by ZZ Hill and maybe Denise LaSalle, if you swing that way)
05. 00:15 Stage silence
06. 05:45 "Easy Credit Love" (recorded by Ed Perkins)
07. 00:30 WWOZ station ID
08. 04:05 "Real Mother for Ya" (composed/made famous by Johnny "Guitar" Watson)
09. 07:11 "Going to Chicago" (composed by Count Basie, made famous by Basie / Jimmy Rushing and others)
10. 00:39 Stage talk
11. 04:12 "gee, Baby, Ain't I Good to You" (composed by Andy Razaf and Don Redman, made famous by Fats Wallter and The King Cole Trio and many others)
12. 05:53 NOLA Medley "Second Line", "They all axed for you (at the Audubon Zoo)", "Lil Liza Jane", "The Saints, Who Dat (Talking about the Saints)", "Down By the Riverside", "My Toot Toot", "It Ain't My Fault" band intro at 05:04-05:16; composer/performer, you gotta know these ya'll!
13. 00:08 WWOZ outro

Please keep the info file with any further distribution.