Ed Sheeran Radio Broadcasts In Ireland 2011-2014 Recived Diret From F.M Radio
Over The Air Transmissions With A Whip Antanna.

T.V. Broadcasts Recived With A Dipole Antanna And A Philips Nicam T.V.

Contrast Clause For Tracks 08 Through 15.These Songs From The Same Concert That Are
On The Tracker As Torrent No 489767.
Here They Are From A Diffrent Broadcaster And Over The Air Reception
Also Track Order Is Not The Same This Is An Edited Selection.
Ending Of Contract Clause.

His new album has already become the biggest selling album of
the year in Ireland and Britain. He has occupied seven of the places in
the iTunes top-10 charts, he has topped both the radio and TV playlist
charts and, in quick succession, he�s appeared on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.

RTE Radio Two F.M 90.7 Live Vickers Street Venue 22 September 2011.
Arthurs Day Event.
01 Wayfaring Stranger.
02 The A Team.
03 The Parting Glass.
04 You Need Me.

RTE Radio Two 90.7 F.M. Broadcast 22 September 2011.
Arthurs Day Vickers Street.
05 The A Team.

RTE T.V. V.H.F Soundchannel Live 21 October 2011.
Late Late Show Program.
06 The A Team.

Today FM 101.9 Broadcast 1 June 2012.
Sesions Bank Holiday Special.
(Tony Fenton Program)
07 Lego House.

RTE In Concert Program Broadcast 13 July 2014.
Concert Recorded Cologne Germany 22 April 2014.
Via E.B.U Network.
08 Tenerife Sea.
09 Lego House.
10 Dont You.
11 Give Me Love.
12 Be My Husband.
13 I See Fire.
14 You Dont Need Me.
15 The A Team.

Today F.M Broadcast 31 December 2012.
End Of Year Sessions Program.
16 Lego House.

Broadcast Segments End.

Transfer Infomation. All Tracks Recived Direct From Over The Air F.M.
T.V. On A Philips Nicam Set Via Ear Out Output And Radio On A Sony Cfd s 33 l Unit
Also Ear Out Via A Stereo Fly Lead To Audigy Soundforge Soundcard As Wav Files
At 44 Khz Bit Sampleing Rate.Traders Little Helper Flac Front End Compression
Level 8 To Internet.

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