Ed Volker with EightHead and Peter Ostroushko !! 1996.07.17 Riverview Supper CLub,
Minneapolis, MN, USA

The New Orleans Radiators' Zeke Fishhead meets EightHead!!

This was the first of just a few times when Ed Volker played a live show with
Minneapolis world-music-fusion-jazz band EightHead, along with violin/mandolin
hotshot Peter Ostroushko. This was a Krewe of Dads "private party" at the good
ol' Riverview, the site of MANY outrageous Radiators shows over the years.
A swingin' R & B club, it is sadly now closed down. Most Minnesota Radiators
fans likely have some very fuzzy memories of some really great times spent there.

This was recorded by Manbearpig friend P.Hagen, who long ago entrusted his Magraw-and-
friends DAT masters to Manbearpig's care. Manbearpig transferred them all to CD over the years.
This one Manbearpig authored in January of 2005.

The Krewe of Dads Private parties usually had a theme, and sometimes Zeke would work
up an original song for that theme. This party was the "Tarnished Doubloon" show, and so
there is a song that was probably played only at this show. ( Or maybe once more. )

Recorded with Sennheiser MKH-40's, the deck was likely Mr.Hagen's Denon D8.
We used to record from a raised spot straight out from the stage, perhaps 20 feet
at most from the edge of the stage. Mics on stand 7-8 feet up.


Ed Volker/Zeke Fishhead - Piano, Vocals

( EightHead )
Marc Anderson - Percussion
Jim Anton - Bass
Dean Magraw - Guitars


Peter Ostroushko - Violin, Mandolin


01. intro by Mike Starnes ( microphone not working well yet, though )
02. Back to Loveland
03. Girl With The Golden Eyes
04. Run Red Run
05. Between 2 Fires
06. Lost Radio
07. Dancin' Leaves
08. Let The Red Wine Flow ( Bass jam around 5:20 )

09. "Tarnished Doubloon" Theme Song
10. What Is The Soul Of The World [ Set 1 ends... ]
11. [ Set 2 ] The Cuckoo
12. Subterranean Homesick Blues
13. Hideaway ( essentially the music of "Cold Rain and Snow" )
14. Grief Snafu >
15. Lovely You !!

16. Standin' In The Need Of Prayer
17. Risin'
18. Hannah
19. Hellhound on My Trail
20. Rainbow Road
21. [ Encore ] Junco Partner
22. Wrestling With The Angels ( after some other thing... )
23. We Bid You Goodnight
24. [ Encore 2 ] Last Fair Deal Gone Down

The gaps above are the suggested CD breaks, if burning to discs...otherwise it is near-seamless...

Disc 1 time: 1:11:02
Disc 2 time: 59:39
Disc 3 time: 1:14:06


Spread the great music around! Not for sale, of course... Not Cool.
Support these musicians wherever and whenever you can!! They are all so incredibly worthy of your time.

Ed Volker is semi-retired, it seems, only playing shows around his native NOLA, catch him when you go down
to Mardi Gras or to Jazz Fest! He usually will be playing a Radiators reunion show or two. A Living Legend.



Between Manbearpig and his colleagues, we recorded some 40 EightHead shows, and numerous other shows
of various members of EightHead with other artists like Marcus Wise, Esthera Godinez, Nirmala Rajasekar,
Gordie Johnson, Gordy Knutson, Steve Tibbetts, Ruth MacKenzie, and the later-day EightHead percussionist J.T Bates!
This is NOT a typical EightHead show in any way, an EightHead show was an instrumental-experimental-improvisational
jam-fest with originals and some jazz-fusion covers. When they played with Ed Volker, they were playing more as
a straight back-up band, albeit with extended jams and supreme musicianship throughout.

CD transfer/edit/upload from DAT Masters by Manbearpig... Enjoy!