Capitol Theater
Passaic_ Nj

The show was billed as "New Wave In New Jersey" and took place on November 19, 1977 at the
Capitol Theater in Passaic. Opening was, I believe, The Senders. I'm not sure about that because
I don't have a tape of them, but that is what I recall. I guess that we were still parking
the car or hanging out in the lobby. Probably doing something that caused my lousy recollection.
Then came Eddie and the Hotrods, Talking Heads, and The Ramones. Sound quality is very good
although there were assorted technical problems like weak vocals and guitars jumping in and out
of the mix. I think the sound men were baffled by the volume coming from the stage.

This is the first part, Eddie and the Hotrods. They never made it big but I saw them four times
and rather liked them. Their first American show was 11/10/77 at Max's, just over a week before
this one. They closed their first American tour at CBGBs 12/18/77. They did another American tour in 1979.

FM?>Sound Forge 8.0>Wav>Flac(Level 8)>SBEs Aligned>Dime>You
MD5 included

I put more Dynamics with Sound Forge,the sound is better now.

01_Teenage Depression
02_The Kids Are Alright
03_Telephone Girl
04_Life On The Line
05_Quit This Town
06_I Might Be Lying
07_Why Can't It Be
08_Do Anything You Want To Do
09_Ignore Them
10_Beginning Of The End
11_Get Out Of Denver

I'm very glad to present this great band EDDIE AND THE HOTRODS ,I saw them at the Roundhouse in 1977 at
it was awesome.I hope you'll liked it.The vocal is a little low-down with the guitars but the sound
is still very good.

If someone has some stuff of "the Senders",please post them.

No Artwork.

Thanks for the first seeder to post this great show in 2005.

Enjoy and play loud.