Eddie Clearwater-Sandra Hall, Chicago blues festival tour, 1994 Rennes-France Ubu club, FM master

I don't know the exact date, the show happened probably on november / december 1994 (it was the concert # 33 of the tour).
Broadcasted by France Inter on several sessions (not full show).

Cassettes played on a Marrantz SD4051 cassette deck; zoom H4 for wave files; PC; audacity for tracking; FLAC.

The band :
Eddie Clearwater, guit & voc
Sandra Hall, voc
Will Cosby, guit
Scott Mayer, bass
Tim Austin, drums

01 Instrumental
02 Meet me ...
03 Johnny B Good and jam
05 Wang dang doodle

(08 is the end of 07 after the radio show outro)

Sample in comments.
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