Eddie From Ohio, Girlyman, Brother Sun
Gospel wake up call set
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Hillsdale, NY
July 29, 2012

1 sound check
2 great day (EFO)
3 my sweet lord (GM)
4 go tell mary (BS)
5 ring the bell (EFO)
6 this little light of mine (GM)
7 love is the water (BS)
8 get down on your knees and pray (EFO)
9 armageddon ??? (GM)
10 come with me (BS)
11 mary don't you weep (EFO)
12 son of a preacher man (GM)
13 do what must be done (BS)

SP-CMC-25 -> Olympus LS-10

any help with setlist appreciated