Saturday, 25 January 1992

Wetlands Preserve
161 Hudson Street
New York, New York 10013

APE master, 15 January 2017, by elegymart:
Analog audience recording (stereo): unknown mics/recorder > analog audio cassette master > analog audio cassette (Type I, probably) > analog audio cassette > CrO2 analog audio cassette > Sony TC-WE435 (azimuth adjustment) > Sony PCM-R500 > DAT master {SBM} > HHB BurnIt CDR830 > Mitsui 80-minute CDR {transferred c. 1999-2005} > EAC (WAV extraction, secure mode) > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (audio cleanup) > SHNtool (fixed SBE) > CD Wave (track splits) > Monkey's Audio 4.18 (WAV > APE conversion; Extra High mode).
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Total running time [47:48]
01 introduction [1:28]
02 Alice in My Fantasies [3:18] >
03 Give Up the Funk jam (incl. Get Off Your Ass and Jam) [5:53] >
04 Cosmic Slop [7:40]
05 Super Stupid [4:23]
06 Maggot Brain [7:12]
07 Red Hot Momma [3:12]
08 Mood for Two (Eddie's Mood) [6:17]
09 Monster in the Room (?) [4:41]
10 Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples [3:40]

Band line-up:
Eddie Hazel - lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals
Wilbur Harris - rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocals
Larry Marsden - rhythm guitar
Preston Vismale - keyboards
Emanuel "Chulo" Gatewood - bass
Glenn "Chango" Everrette - drums


We are back in our minds, again, and I can't recall what had been going on back then other than Eddie Hazel and some of the original Funkadelic (Jerome Brailey & Billy "Bass") were getting together to form the New Funkadelic.

What I do remember is this was handed off to me by a friend who got a dub of the show from his friend who taped it a few days after the event. That would mean this came off a second gen, and yet my notes have it as a third gen, so it's possible I originally dubbed it on to a cheap normal bias cassette at first and then put it on to a chrome tape. Anyway, that's immaterial here.

For those of you who were never inside the "Sweatglands," it was a tiny club that packed tight quickly, and if you were taping and didn't situate yourself DFC, you were going to end up picking up the mix too heavy in one part of the live instrumentation than the others. Here it's mainly the guitars, with the recording levels a bit saturated. Vocals are somewhat buried. Just be grateful it's the guitars that are up front -- I'm sure you're not all here for the keyboards. Supposedly at the show there were three monstrous guitar stacks that loomed large which may explain why that's the majority of what the tape picks up. It was also relayed to me that of the three guitarists onstage, Eddie's was the least prominent in the house mix that night, but you be the judge. There's a tape flip in "Red Hot Momma."

It's also unclear to me, so perhaps some Funkateer can chime in, about how much touring Eddie did for this. I've only ever seen one other show surface courtesy realomind (taped six days after this one), and am starting to think this particular band only did a few one-offs before Eddie passed away at the end of the year of this performance.

Wil Harris put up a short segment of this show on youtube and it appears to be from the board -- this is obviously not that recording, but recorded from the audience. The youtube segment is not on this recording, so perhaps this was the early show and the online snippet is from the late show. Judging from the goofy tape flip it may have just been on a c-60 master and perhaps there were some encores. This is certainly not the handiwork of an experienced taper, but considering the scarcity of any live Eddie Hazel out there, appreciate it for what it is.

Over the years on dime, EZT, the Archival Group, and through all the various and assorted other trading groups online preceding that, and the CDR, DAT, and analog cassette traders which came before, I've gathered a moderate collection of items to share. I've helped with transfers (the Cactus and related uploads from over a decade ago here, and currently a bite out of the massive Stonecutter Archives), contributed setlists and corrections to many a torrent -- all the sort of things that don't raise one's share ratio. I've shared some of my masters back in the old snail mail days, but it's high time to give back more here from where I've received so much. I had meant to do a roll-out with something grand and possibly a series (Elegymart #1, #2, etc.), but that's been done countless times before.

At this point not only have we've all aged along with dime's existence, but our media and the equipment that can play it back has as well. So rather than any fanfare or concern over share ratio, consider this upload another step in a more diligent attempt to beat the time and to circulate the collection.