Eddie Jobson Band, 21 08 2011
headliner at Zappanale #22, Galopprennbahn Bad Doberan, Germany

audience recording
118 m 9 s
master clone
sound quality: A- the first two songs, A the rest

recorded on Zoom H2 with 120° angle by Zappamaniac

transfer by Zappamaniac
Zoom H2 -> HD
level adjustements with Magix audio studio 2007 deluxe
split with CD Wave Editor
dBpowerAmp -> FLAC (lowest compression)
Traders Little Helper -> md5
Torrent made with uTorrent


01 Intro 5.22 *** cuts in
02 Caesar´s Palace Blues 4.33
03 Eddie talks about his time with Zappa 2.25
04 Caesar´s Palace Blues (2nd try) 4.16
05 In the Dead of Night 13.36
a) In the Dead of Night
b) By the Light of Day
c) Presto vivace and Reprise
06 "Läther" Preamble 2.41
07 I promise not to come in your mouth/Läther (Zappa) 3.39
08 Carrying no Cross 13.50
09 Nevermore 8.22
10 Drum Solo 10.50
11 Alaska 4.51
12 City of tiny Lights (Zappa) 9.13
13 Inca Roads (Zappa) 9.31
14 The only thing she needs 8.30
15 encore break 2.22
16 Red (King Crimson) 6.01
17 Muffin Man (Zappa) 7.10
18 Purple Lagoon Outro (Zappa) 0.49

All songs from UK, except where noted


Eddie Jobson: keyboards, violin and samples
Marc Bonilla: Electric Guitar
Alex Machacek: Bass and Vocals
Marco Minnemann: Drums

Special Guests on the Zappa Tracks:

Ray White: Vocals and Guitar
Ike Willis: Vocals and Guitar
André Cholmondeley: Guitar and Guitar Solo on Inca Roads
Kahlil Sabbagh: Marimba and Vibes

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is my first contribution to Zappateers and my first torrent ever, so please have patiene if something goes wrong.
I´m glad that I finally have something to give you guys back after months of downloading.

Concert Notes:
I was standing in the 4th row in the middle. I only missed a second or two of the intro, so there´s not much music missing. The drums are a little too loud on this recording and in the first two songs the recording sounds a bit dark, but adjust the EQ to your liking (turn down the bass and add some brightness) and you get a A+/A experience!
On track 2, there were sound difficulties with the see-through violin and additionally Marco broke the snare head, so while fixing the problems Eddie is telling us a little story about Frank.That´s why they played Caesar´s Palace Blues twice.

Thanks to UniMuta for guiding me through the art of making a torrent!
Thanks to dooches for identifying the marimba player!
Thanks to Eddie Jobson for coming to Zappanale!

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