Eddie Money
Orange Pavilion, San Bernardino, CA
December 18, 1982

Captured Live! CL-283

The cue sheet does not have a "week of...." broadcast date, but the show was likely broadcast between January and April of 1983...so it's very likely the Dec. 18 date is the source of this show.

The numbering scheme on the Captured Live! records combined "CL" (for Captured Live!") with an ascending show number and the last two digits of the year to produce a unique identifying number. For 1983, the shows are numbered CL-183, CL-283, CL-383, etc. As the Randy Meisner Captured Live show was broadcast May 9, 1983 and was numbered CL 483, this show (CL 283) must precede it.

Lineage: Original pre-FM vinyl > Audacity > Wav > Flac (L8, align on SBs)

01. Captured Live! CL 283 Intro - Perry Stone
02. No Control
03. Can't Keep A Good Man Down
04. Wanna Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star
05. Captured Live! CL 283 Break - Perry Stone
06. Drivin' Me Crazy
07. Two Tickets To Paradise
09. Band Introductions
10. Captured Live! CL 283 Break - Perry Stone
11. Back To New York
12. Baby Hold On
13. My Friends, My Friends
14. Captured Live! CL 283 Break - Perry Stone
15. Gimme Some Water
16. Trinidad
17. Get A Move On
18. Captured Live! CL 283 Break - Perry Stone
19. Shakin'
20. Rock And Roll The Place
21. Take A Little Bit
22. You Can't Sit Down
23. Captured Live! CL 283 Outro - Perry Stone

Total time 1:11:27

Eddie Money - Vocals
Randy Nichols - Keyboards
John Nelson - Lead Guitar
Steve Farris - Rhythm Guitar
Ralph Carter - Bass
Gary Ferguson - Drums


Original notes:
There appear to be two versions of this Eddie Money show. This version is from a 3 LP 5-sided version (the sixth side is blank). I've seen Internet listings for a 2 LP version. The 2-LP version is missing "Back To New York," and "My Friends, My Friends," but adds the track "I Think I'm In Love" (not included here).

Stations received both a hosted version of Captured Live! shows with prerecorded announcements, and an unhosted version with a script, allowing the local disc jockey to do the lead ins to each segment. The unhosted version had "beds" of a live concert audience for the disc jockey to talk over, making it sound like he was at the show. Most of these sets of both version (hosted and unhosted) have been broken up into two versions for resale on the collector's market.

I can't find "Back To New York" in Money's discography. Does anyone know what album that was on? There's also a cover of the Dovells' version of "You Can't Sit Down" that I don't think has ever appeared on an official release.

Perry Stone went on to be a "shock jock," suspended with his co-host Randi Rhodes in 1987 by Milwaukee's WQFM for anti-gay comments, and again in 1989 by KSJO when he swore at two 9-year-old Brownies who visited his show and told them to pocket Girl Scout cookie proceeds, and tell people they needed the money to bail their parents out jail.

In other notes, this show was produced by Patrick Griffith, who also produced shows for CBS Radio's "On Stage Tonight" series, and the ABC Radio Networks "A Night On The Road" series. Mr. Griffith went on to win an Emmy in 1998 for his sound work on the National Geographic documentary "Rat."

300 dpi scans of the disc labels and cue sheets are included.

Many thanks to draftervoi for all his efforts and providing this file set through his Voodoo Wagon blog.

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