Eddie Money
Viewpoint Stage,
Wildflower Festival,
Richardson, TX
May 18, 2007

Source Info:
ChurchAudio Cards>ChurchAudio STC-9000>Sony MZ-RH1>Sonic Stage 3.4>.wav>Cool Edit Pro 2.0>CDWave Editor1.95>Flac Frontend>.flac
No editing done other than track splits, it's raw and pure...

50' from stage DFC

01. intro
02. Two Tickets to Paradise
03. I Think I'm in Love
04. Can't Go Back
05. Take Me Home Tonight
06. Midnight Rider (Eddies daughter)
07. Life For the Taking
08. Get a Move On
09. Faith
10. Trinidad
11. Ain't No Mountain High Enough
12. You Don't Know ME, Do You?
13. Give Me Some Water
14. No Control
15. ??
16. She Takes My Breath Away
17. Wanna Be a Rock N Roll Star
18. Walk on Water
19. encore applause
20. Baby Hold on to Me
21. Shakin'

Time 90:43

What a nice show! and I love my new Church Audio mics and pre-amp, thanks Jerseyboy! If you're an Eddie Money fan, this is a "must have". Eddie sounds great and is in a great mood. His daughter does a nice rendition of Midnight Rider. Eddie mentions that his sister lives in Dallas, and seems to crank it up to honor her. John Waite and The Romantics sets to follow shortly.

As always, NEVER for sale, trade freely, and don't distribute in lossy formats please...