Eddie Money
The Coliseum
Daytona Beach, FL
November 19, 2008

Edirol R-09 >SanDisk 4gb flash card >16 bit wave
>Adobe Audition 1.5(tracks) >FLAC(level 8).

An unlikely spot; on an overhang, above the left bar
about 10' from the floor. Far from crowd noises, but
an occasional beer bottle clanking into the trash.



Disc 1
1. intro
2. 2 Tickets To Paradise
3. Think I'm In Love
4. We Should Be Sleepin'
5. Take A Little Bit
6. The Wish
7. Get A Move On
8. Peace In Our Time
9. Drivin' Me Crazy
10. Trinidad
11. I Wanna Go Back
12. Take Me Home Tonight
13. The Big Crash
14. Give Me Some Water

Disc 2
1. Keep My Motor Runnin'
2. No Control
3. Higher and Higher (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me)
4. You Don't Know Me
5. Wanna Be A Rock-n-Roll Star
6. Where's The Party?
7. Walk On Water
8. Hold On To Me
9. Shakin'
10. Rock and Roll The Place

Taper's Notes:
This was the first rock concert held at Daytona's newly reopened
Coliseum nightclub. It was a nice, long performance and the JBL
pro pa system made it sound excellent. There were lasers but I
believe they were house-installed. Please don't sell this or trade
out in any form other than lossless. Go see your favorite musicians
while you still can. You just never know.... :(

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