Eddie Money
Harry Chapin Lakeside Theater, Eisenhower Park
East Meadow, NY
Saturday, September 28, 2013 4:30pm

16/44.1 Version

SP-CMC-8's -> SP-11 Batt Box -> Edirol R09-HR -> SD Card -> PC -> Audacity (Track Splits, +6db Boost) -> dbPowerAmp (Flac Level 8, converted to 16/44.1 (16 bit version only)) -> TLH for checksum, torrent files -> Uploaded

Excellent 80-85 minute show with full band. Very energetic for a hometown show, Eddie had family and friends there.

Also recorded in HD, so a Blu-Ray version may be forthcoming, someday, when time permits.


01- Intro
02- Baby Hold On To Me
03- Wanna Be A Rock & Roll Star
04- We Should Be Sleeping
05- Endless Nights
06- Walk On Water
07- No Control
08- One More Soldier Coming Home
09- Trinidad
10- I Wanna Go Back
11- You Really Got A Hold On Me
12- Take A Little Bit
13- Gimme Some Water, Band Intros
14- Turtle Blues (Jesse Money)
15- Take Me Home Tonight
16- I Think I'm In Love
17- Two Tickets To Paradise
18- Encore Break
19- Returning To Stage
20- Shakin'