Glenn Symmonds, Eddie Money
Ram's Head Tavern
Annapolis, MD

Taped from second row of tables, slightly right/center of stage

SP-CMC-8's -> SP-11 Batt Box -> Edirol R09-HR -> SD Card -> PC -> Audacity for track splits, +12dB Boost (Glenn Set) and +9dB boost (Eddie Set) -> dbPowerAmp to convert to FLAC level 8 and 16bit/44.1kHz (for 16 bit version, otherwise, as source resolution of 24bit/96kHz) -> Trader's Little Helper for checksum files and torrent files -> Uploaded

Great show, unfortunately, my "new" pack of batteries had been sitting in the house, and was weakened. I switched batteries as soon as Eddie left for the encore, so we're missing the instruments played until his return. The pair I switched to, that I used for Glenn's opener, failed during Shakin' (so close!) so there's approx. 30 seconds missing until I could swap back the pair I used for the main set.

Since the files corrupted each time the player shut down on its own, (and after the main set when I popped them without stopping the recorder), I almost lost the whole thing... so in the context, I can live with a few bars missing in one song. Nervewracking experience nevertheless!

Glenn Symmonds

01- Ho Hey
02- Jump In, Let's Go
03- Talking
04- Troubadour
05- Talking
06- Sailboat
07- Santa Fe
08- Wild World
09- Guacamole

Eddie Money

01- My Friends, My Friends
02- Life For The Taking
03- Baby Hold On To Me
04- Maureen - Band Intros
05- No Control
06- One More Soldier Coming Home
07- Trinidad
08- You Really Got A Hold On Me
09- I Wanna Go Back
10- Gimme Some Water
11- Encore Break
12- Returning To Stage
13- I'll Get By
14- Take Me Home Tonight
15- I Think I'm In Love
16- Talking
17- Two Tickets To Paradise
18- Encore Break 2 - Talking
19- Shakin' Part 1
20- Shakin' Part 2