Eddie Money
Wild Rose Casino Parking Lot
Emmetsburg IA

"A Trainwreck in a Parking Lot"

Taper: Alzeppelin

Audience/Vocal Mic Feed Mix

Taping Location: 20 from stage right of center

Source 1: Eddie Money's wireless vocal mic feed > ICOM RX7 > Tascam DR-07 (16/44)

Source 2: Tascam DR-2D with internal mics (16/44)

Transfer: Memory Cards > USB > Adobe Audition (EQ, remove feed static, and normalize levels) >
Sony Vegas (Sync Sources) > CDWAV (track splits) > Traders Little Helper FLAC Level 8


I went to this show knowing full well how bad it would be and sure enough it was the worst
"performance" I have ever seen. Eddie was either high or just in another world throughout
the show basically mumbling sylables instead of the actually lyrics to the songs. The mic feed
only adds to the trainwreck quality of this recording since his vocals were buried in the mix
that was coming out of the PA. The are a lot of tiny dropouts in the mic feed due to static
but I felt that it should still be mixed in to give an

I have kind of a warped sense of humor so I thought this show was absolutely hilarious. Its
so bad that its good!


01. Intro
02. Baby Hold Onto Me (aka: Bay Bay O On tah Me)
03. We Should Be Sleeping (aka: Be Sod Be seeping)
04. Endless Nights (aka: N Dis Nass)
05. Walk On Water (aka: Wah Ah Watah)
06. No Control (aka: oh cah trowl)
07. One More Soldier Coming Home
08. Trinidad (aka: Tin I Dah)
09. I wanna Go Back (aka: I Bonna Go Bak)
10. Gimmie Some Water (aka: Gibby Som Wahtah)
11. Take Me Home Tonight (aka: Be Bi Biddle Babay)
12. I Think I'm In Love (aka: Tink I'm In Lah)
13. Two Tickets To Paradise (aka: Do Tikkets Do Bara Dice)
14. Encore Break and Eddie's Standup Jokes
15. Shakin' (aka: Shackah)

* Converted to FLAC July 2014

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