Eddie Roberts' The Payback
Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom
Denver, CO

source: 4 Channel Matrix [David Tash SBD Mix->UA-5->R-09] + [(BOB/DFC/Split 18"/PAS)Beyers MC803->Oade T+ UA-5->R-09]
lineage: R-09x2->PC>Wavelab->CD Wav->TLH->.flac

taped, transferred, mixed, mastered, and uploaded by Corey/KIND Recordings



01. intro
02. pack of lies
03. zebra walk
04. sissy walk
05. don't chin the dog
06. thinking
07. minx
08. message from the meters
09. meditation


01. Hung up
02. gator bait
03. afro strut
04. flood in franklin park
05. vandenburg suite
06. corry's snail
07. banter
08. kool is back
09. make me proud


10. one note brown


Zigaboo Modeliste - drums
Otiell Burbridge - bass
Eddie Roberts - guitar
Robert Walters - organ, Rhodes
Scott Messersmith - percussions
Gabe Mervine - trumpet
Matt Pitts - tenor sax

with special guest Mike Dillon - percussions

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