Eddie Shaw & The Wolfgang
2011-10-01 2Nd Set
Chicago, Il
Kingston Mines
A Chicagoblues Recording

Lineage: Sbd>R-09Hr-24/96>16Gbsdhc-Cl10>Hd>16/441W(Adobe Aud3.)>Splits(Cdwav)>Flac8(Tlh) Asb

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Another Great Eddie Shaw Set. Unfortunately I Could Only Recorded One Set This Night. Had To Go To Rosas To See A Band

As Always, The Mc,Frank, Is A Little To Talkative. Consider It The Comedy Segment

Enjoy A Taste Of Howlin Wolf With Some Eddie Shaw..!!!


01) Frank Pellegrino Talks -Intro Of Van Shaw> 2:12
02) Instramental>Vann Talks>Instramental 11:20 (Without Eddie)
03) Frank Intros Eddy> 6:38
04) Lil Red Rooster 6:34
05) For You My Love 5:26
06) Band Intros> I Drink Alone 9:22
07) Poor Boy Blues 6:22
08) 300 Lbs Of Heavenly Joy 3:27
09) Everyday I Have The Blues>Eddie Talks>Frank Talks 3:50
10) Outro> :49

Eddie Shaw :Sax, Lead Vocals
Vann Shaw :Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ron Scott :Keyboards
Melvin Smith:Bass
Jerry Myer :Drums

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Do Record As Many Blues Shows As You Can. Im Serious..! Lol