Eddie Turner Band***Tacoma, WA***August31st 2007

Eddie Turner Band
Tacoma, WA
August 31st 2007

Taper: fubb
Lineage: SBD>XLR>JB3(48000)>HD(firewire)>Adobe Audition
CA Cardiod Mics>CA Pre Amp STC9000>R-09(48000-Line IN)>SD Card Slot>HD>Adobe Audition
Multitracked with Adobe Audition>cues using Goldwave>FLAC

No EQ involved, just volume normalisation on both sources, audience taped elevated aprox 8 ft from SBD area

No Artwok

First time seeing Eddie Turner, good player, interesting style of music, mostly blues with a splice of jazz, funk, rock, jam.

check out his website for more info, support this artist by seeing his shows etc...etc....etc. Never for sale...share freely


Nice recording, fun show, albeit a very small audience, due to a holiday weekend in the northwest. enjoy!

Eddie Turner> guitar vocals
Jimmy Trujillo> bass
Kenny Passarelli> keyboards
Ed Michaels> Drums

Disc one:
1.Rock Me Baby
2.Gangster Of Love
3.Ask Myself Why
4.Privileged Life

Disc Two:
1.I'm A Man, I'm A Man
2.So Many Roads
3.The Wind Cries Mary
5.I Smell Smoke