Eddie Vedder
Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Roland R-05 Internal mics>24bit/48hz>sd card>harddisk>audacity declick & raise levels & see notes below>cdwave editor track split &-->16bit/44.1hz>tlh flac level8

01 Intro
02 Girl From The North Country (Bob Dylan cover)
03 Picture In A Frame (Tom Waits cover)
04 Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town (Pearl Jam song)
05 Dead Man (Pearl Jam song)
06 Banter
07 Can't Keep
08 Banter
09 Sleeping By Myself
10 Light Today
11 Banter
12 Without You
13 Intro to Eliza Jane Barnes
14 Tonight You Belong To Me * (Irving Kaufman cover)
15 Banter
16 The Golden State * (John Doe cover)
17 Banter
18 Driftin' (Pearl Jam song)
19 Far Behind
20 Guaranteed
21 Glen Hansard Intro
22 Long Nights #
23 Banter
24 Rise
25 Banter
26 Throw Your Arms Around Me (Hunters & Collectors cover)
27 Banter
28 Better Man (Pearl Jam song)
29 Banter
30 Good Woman (Cat Power cover)
31 4th Of July (John Doe cover)
32 Porch (Pearl Jam song)

33 Set Break (can't call 10 songs an encore!)

34 Banter
35 Growing Up (Bruce Springsteen cover)
36 Just Breathe (Pearl Jam song)
37 Banter
38 Blackbird (Beatles cover)
39 I Believe In Miracles (Ramones cover)
40 Bugs
41 Glen Hansard Intro
42 Sleepless Nights # (Everly Brothers cover)
43 Banter #
44 Society # (Jerry Hannan cover)
45 Banter #
46 Falling Slowly # (Swell Season cover aka a Glen Hansard song)(Glen on guitar & lead vocal)
47 Lukin (Pearl Jam song)
48 Rocking In The Free World (Neil Young cover)

49 Encore Break

50 Banter
51 Ukelele Anthem (Amanda Palmer cover)
52 Hard Sun (Indio cover) # *

*with Eliza Jane Barnes
#with Glen Hansard

At times a rowdy crowd, shout outs, singalongs, some loud clappers & whooers near me (have reduced the volume of some of the latter).
Lots of between song stories & banter, a bit stream of conciousness at times, sometimes political.
Sleepness Nights was done off mic, so have inc levels to make it audible on the recording.