Edgar Broughton Band
Burg Herzberg Festival 1998
Breitenbach, Hessen, Germany
July - 18 - 1998
Main Stage


Rec. Info:
Aiwa CM 30 Mic -> Sony WMD6 -> Mastertape (Maxell XL2) -> Zoom H2n (at WAV 16/44) -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...laying on a poppy...
Unfortunately only a mediocre recording. Started very promising, but the taper seemed to have moved back from the stage and mounted the mic at the soundbooth. This resulted in
almost no audience noise, but the sound itself sounds a bit distant and muddy. Tried to clean to up a bit, which resulted in an increase of hiss. Anyway, it's a very good show
and to my knowledge has not circulated yet.

The story behind...
I went to my first Burg Herzberg Festival in the summer of 1995 with a bunch of Deadhead friends. The lineup including MAN, PENTANGLE ANEKDOTEN or THE GRANDMOTHERS was just too
tasty to stay away. I was not really surprised, that Mr. Juhab was also there. We'd known each other from many Deadhead-Meetings or Grateful Dead related concerts. I was well surprised
to see him tape a bunch of shows there. Well, that was long before myself started taping. We met at the "Holy Mountain of the Heart" for about a decade, even after the german DH-Scene
dimished, and both of us split off it. After Juhab also stopped to visit the Festival, our contact got lost. But a few years later...
Meanwhile I jumped on the Dime tracker, and after one or two years started uploading my recordings here. I remember many of my first torrents were Herzberg-Shows. And, after hooking up
again with old friends like Mr. Maddrax (with whom I went to eight Dead-Shows in the USA in 1994), and making new friendships with other tapers like Mr. Hanwaker, Mr. Fliederchris,
Mr. Seethelight7, Mr. FBauer or Mr. Dimenew, one day I realised that Mr. Juhab was also on Dime. Immediately I remembered his recordings. Well, it took about another year, until - with
good talk from the great hanwaker - I was allowed to get access to the collection. You can believe me, as I got the list mailed - I fell off my chair! Woah! And here they come...

I'll try to keep all sources most possible untouched. What you get is what had happened. If I think there's some new editing in need, or maybe the sound is unbalanced/too silent/too loud,
I'll do a bit of remastering, but very very careful. As next year is my 17th year at Burg Herzberg, you know how I feel about these shows, as they reflect some very fine and special
moments of my own past.


And now, "get the tape rolling"...

The "infamous" power outage show. Edgar Broughton came up onstage shortly before midnight (as far as I can remember), and some 80 minutes into their set, the complete power supply of the
festival went out. Some bad tongues say that the main generator went out of Diesel...Truly nicely planned on a big festival! The remainer missing part of the show (I can remember well
it went further with "Out demons out!" is missing from the tape, as the show conclded a bit after 4 in the morning. That meant that the closing band MAN had to reschedule their show for
the late morning hours of sunday. You can image how funny the comments of late night workers like Deke Leonard or Martin Ace were, have to play in the blazing morning sun...
Oh, and BTW, 1998 marked the first time the festival moved from its natural site directly at the castle to the hillside place where it is located ever since (with one exception of
2003, but that's another funny story!). For you german speaking Dimers: The introduction by "dear" Kalle Becker is very entertaining as well.
So, now I hope you're ready for some Socialistic Workers Rockmusic...Enjoy! SB.


01. Kalle Becker Intro (1:07)
02. Evening over rooftops (7:20)
03. Speak down the wires (6:40)
04. The whale (6:36)
05. Green lights (4:48)
06. Edgar talks (1:45)
07. It's getting hard (6:55)
08. Chilly morning momma (6:58)
09. Momma's reward (4:07) tapeflip
10. Fight with me (2:45)
11. Refugee (6:02)
12. Signal injector (5:38)
13. Germany (6:45)
14. Poppy (6:44)
15. The psychopath (is for butterflies) (7:18) *

* aborted due to power outage

A few track titles are matter of suspet. Feel free to correct!

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Edgar Broughton - vocals, guitar
Steve Broughton - drums
Luke Broughton - keyboards (Edgar's son)
Art Grant - bass
Ian Hammond (?) - guitar