Edgar Broughton Band 1998-07-18

Burg Herzberg Open Air, Breitenbach (Hof Huhnstadt), Germany, AUD (almost complete)

Label: none
Sound quality: good audience (mike was placed right on top of the soundboard/light tower)
Lineage: Recorded with Philips DCC 170 on DCC tape (also Philips) with unknown stereo mike > copy on Maxell XLII (1999) > transfer with wavelab > Verbatim CDR (2004) > EAC (2013) > you

Not commercially released by the band.

As 99% of my other uploads are too, this is my very own recording of this "infamous" power outage show. I really had forgotten that I recorded it myself until I found the original DCC cassettes in my vaults when spacebandit asked for a more complete show.
The DCCs haven't been erased yet, so once I have organized a new DCC player I will be able to create an even better copy than the one I can offer here.
This is as far as I know the most complete recording of this memorable show at the BHOA. Hardly ever traded (in 2004 via snail mail is all I can recall) - new to DIME and new to the virtual world.

My recording sounds a little closer to the amps than the previous version by spacebandit BUT: the bass is a little too dominant for my ears (which is a matter of taste anyway).
Only half a second inbetween and a few minutes at the end are missing.
There has to be one tape flip which is so short that I couldn't detect it - remember those auto-reverse DCC recorders?
And finally, in the end the tape ran out, I suppose - and I wasn't able to move quickly enough.
Not sure if they only played three songs as a second set - but very likely: it was really late (better - quite early) for all involved and the musical (and audible) part of the show lastet at least 100 minutes all in all.

By the way: There is no Kalle Becker on my recording ;-) it's just the band and the audience.

Humble question: anyone able to create a matrix for an ultimate version?

Out Demons Out - although not complete - is among the best versions I have ever heared!

Set 1:
1. Evening over rooftops
2. Speak down the wires
3. The whale
4. Green lights > Edgar's speech
5. Why can't somebody love me ?
6. Chilly morning momma
7. Love in the rain
8. Vote for me
9. Refugee (nowhere to go)
10. Signal injector
11. The kiss
12. Lalala (I got you)

Total: 72:53

Set 1 ctd:
1. My dream (The psychopath is for butterflies) ... power failure*
Set 2:
2. Cool dark room
3. Hotel room
4. Out demons, out (not complete, so I faded it out)

Total: 28:38

* you can hear the comments of the desperate sound crew here quite clearly.

I'm not sure of a few track titles, so please feel free to correct!

Sorry, no artwork - I was too "lazy" to take any photos once I got my gear in position. Those were the daze...
But at least I have mighty fine poster art for YOU to create a decent cover for us. So please, go ahed...

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Have fun! And NO MP3, please (unless you don't believe in reincarnation)!

Watch out for a collection of my previous uploads in th extra textfile.

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