Edgar Winter, Cal Jam, '74, Soundboard

I was listening to this today and thought I'd up it.

Great Stuff from Edgar!!!

101 Keep Playing that Rock and Roll.flac:a7ce242dcf09ef4c247aa7ab05d194c1
102 Rockin' Roll, Boogie Woogie Blues.flac:15a87334bc323d606b77f19278987a83
103 Frankenstein.flac:1652d6faa73b6f9b8dd40879727a4678
104 Tabacco Road.flac:a1a256c8c3e88f3ee271a31daf52ef24
105 Free Ride.flac:7e17006960a9385cd429e6d7a8e3746d

Lineage - cdr>eac>flac

I do not know the band members.

Any help with the band and date appreciated!