Edgar Winter
Lowell Summer Music Series
Boarding House Park
Lowell, Massachusetts
July 22, 2016 [2016-07-22]

Edgar Winter
Doug Rappoport (guitar / backing vocals, lead vocal on We All Had A Real Good Time)
kOko Powell (bass / backing vocals, lead vocal on Hangin' Around)
Jason Carpenter (drums)

01 - sponsor thank yous / introduction / Keep Playin' That Rock 'n' Roll
02 - Free Ride
03 - Hangin' Around
04 - Tobacco Road
05 - We All Had A Real Good Time
06 - DougE Rapps' Boogie
07 - Frankenstein

total duration = 63m:02s (will fit on one CD)

Opening for Eric Burdon (or at least playing first on a double bill). Accordingly this performance --- just under an hour --- is not the full show offered when Edgar Winter is headlining (at least judging by the songlistings found on setlist.fm). But I don't see recordings of THOSE shows floating around; so, as truncated as this is, at least it IS.

Caveat emptor: for a performance this abbreviated, there are a lot of drum solos, bass solos, guitar interludes and back & forth exchanges between EW's scatsinging and the various instruments. Edgar Winter seems better at starting songs than figuring out how to finally end them - - - so if you're not a fan of long, protracted instrumental workouts and Big Endings, this might not be for you. The Minutemen it ain't.

The song title shown for track 06 is just something I made up. It's a medley of riffs played by the guitarplayer. As an improv piece, I doubt that it has an official (or semi-official) name, but judging from the songlistings for other dates it's a regular part of the show. I therefore tried online to find a picture of a printed-out setlist, to see if it had some sort of band designation that I could use - - - but no luck. Nevertheless, it was too long to consider as just an addendum to the previous song, so I broke it out as a separate track and came up with the best name I could (for the purposes of CD graphics if nothing else). If anyone out there more knowledgeable in the ways of The Edgar Winter Band has more specific information, please share.

source: audience

recording gear:
Zoom H4N (internal mikes)

recording location:
Number Two to Number Six at the beginning of each episode of The Prisoner (1967): "That would be telling."

recorded by: Isotope Feeney

imaging: stereo

sound quality: good (8 out of 10?)
(mp3 samples in comments)

generation: mixdown from MASTER recording

transfer lineage:
44.1 kHz / 16 bit stereo MASTER wav files > HD >
Steinberg WaveLab v. LE7 (EQ, reverb reduction) >
Sony Sound Forge v. 11.0 (volume adjustments, edits) >
Audacity v. 2.0.6 (track splits) >
Traders Little Helper v. 2.7.0 (align SBEs, create level 8 FLAC files) >
bitTorrent >
whoever (if anybody!?) is interested

format: 44.1 kHz / 16 bit [CD compliant]

file size: 352 MB

sound design: Isotope Feeney:
Original recording levels = low, so overall levels boosted by c. +17 db.
L&R channel volumes balanced.

Original recording = very bass-heavy. EQ applied to (hopefully) leave bass guitar fully audible while removing bottom-end mud. Vocals also brought more to forefront.

This venue is very echo-ey. The soundsystem is really good, but there is a big mill building at a right angle to the stage, and a school across the street: reflective brick surfaces that produces audible echos no matter where one (or one's recording device) is situated. De-reverb tool applied to take out a lot of the resulting 'distance-y' anomalies.

Some of the more odious (louder) handclaps and whistles edited out or reduced.

Usual fades: up @ beginning and down @ end.

in comments

At some point down the road I may want to share this elsewhere. If and when that happens, I'd like it to be my idea. Therefore it is my decided preference (which I hope anyone downloading this will respect) that no one else take it upon themselves to retool it and put it up on any other bitTorrent sites. If I decide I wanna go that way, I'll do it when I think the time is right. Thanks.

Yr. Humble Chronicler
- IF -
October 2016