Edgar Winter Band

Lake Worth, Florida
Bamboo room
April 27, 2013

Source: Schoeps MK5 Omni - Nbob Actives - Naiant Tinybox Transfo Out - Sony M10 (24-48)

Transfer: Micro SD card > wav file > coolEdit > Normalize-Downsample > CD Wave Cut > TLH > FLAC level 8 & Align on SB
Recording Location: Table 15' from Edgar Winter
Recorded by: Datfly

01. I Got My Eye On You
02. When It comes
03 Hangin' Around * Koko Powell on Vocals
04. Tobacco Road
05. Texas Guitar Boogie Shuffle
06. Rebel Road
07. Round & Round
08. We All Had A Real Good Time *Doug Rappoport on vocals
09. Undercover Man
10. Frankenstein
11. Free Ride

It was great to see a legend like Edgar in such a intimate setting.
I have heard "Frankenstein" & Free ride" my whole life and to see it
live in front of me was just spine tingling!
The group must love Led Zeppelin as the guitarist has several
page like moves and they played snippets in several songs.

04. Tobacco Road - Has "Sunshine of Your Love" & "Kashmir"
08. We All Had A Real Good Time - has Zeppelin - Vai & Who snippets as well.

Edgar Winter Band :

Edgar Winter - Vocals/Sax/Keys/Drums
Doug Rappoport - Giutar
Koko Powell - Bass
Jason Carpenter - Drums


April 28 2013

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