Edgar Winter Group
March 25, 1985
Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC

1) ...Dying to Live
2) Rock & Roll
3) Free Ride
4) Hold On
5) Come Back When You Got It
6) Excerpts From Winter's Dream
7) See The Light
8) Frankenstein
9) Tobacco Road
10) Turn On Your Lovelight

Edgar Winter - Keys/Sax/Vocals
Billy Derby - Guitar
Carey Ziegler - Bass
Alan Smallwood - Keyboards
Vince Santoro - Drums

Do not have details about the source or the rig used, lost to time. Notes on the actual cassette I have say this tape was copied directly from the master, however this cannot be verified. I picked this up along with the Johnny Winter show from a week earlier, at the same time (spring 1985), from the same source.

Good sound, a full low-gen recording, GREAT show. Edgar in a great mood, lots of highlights (epic Winter's Dream). Cut 1 fades in, unknown minutes missing. Brief channel drop in Lovelight.

Many thanks to the original taper. Transferred via Nakamichi BX-300 > CDWave 24/96 > FLAC (dBpoweramp).