Edgar Winter's White Trash (featuring Rick Derringer) Live at the Long Beach Arena 1972-09-02 master AUD reel-to-reel (first time in circulation) with Fillmore filler mp3 sample

This is an astounding concert! You can even watch your cat explode! Your friends and neighbors will either be knocking on your door to party (or to call the police!)

Seriously, it's like Dorothy in front of the twister, with Toto at her side. You just know it's going to knock you over, but you stand there anyway. You may not be able to play this show loud enough, but you might want to try.

That distortion in the vocals - it's all part of the act. Edgar Winter's White Trash was one of my two favorite albums during the early 1970's (the other was Taj Mahal's "The Real Thing".) It had such soul and power, and that voice just overwhelmed you to listen to it. Unbelievably, this show has even higher vibes.

This is this exact band that played the album in a live setting. Here's the setlist:

Save The Planet (begins at end chorus)
Let's Get It On
Living In The USA
Tobacco Road
Turn On Your Lovelight
Dance Dance Dance

I've added two tracks from the closing of the Fillmore as filler.

Let's Get It On

is from the Berkeley Records "Last Night" bootleg

Where Would I Be Without You?

is from the mega-rare Stoned Feet Records "Lest They Forget" bootleg. Both are probably from off the radio.

Tape: Flac Frontend Level 6 sectors aligned and verified
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