Edgar Winter's White Trash
Cobo Hall
Detroit, MI

Uncirculated Master audience recording
VG- recording, distant and probably for hardcores only
But how many White Trash 77 recordings are out there?
Listen to samples so you know what this sounds like

Taper: mimymu (thank you!)
Master analog cassette->Sony TCWE305->PC(SoundForge)->
CDWave->master CD>EAC(secure)->FTP 16/44 wave files to blackpage

setlist, research, patience, flac8(sbeok)

unconfirmed lineup (Jerry and Edgar for sure):
Edgar Winter - vocals, keyboards, guitar, percussion
Jerry Lacroix - lead vocals, sax

unsure on these:
Jon Smith - sax
Marshall Cyr - trumpet
Bobby Ramirez - drums
Floyd Radford - guitar
Robert "California" Arnold - bass

duration: 50:32

01. crowd->Shake It Off (5:47)
02. Leftover Love (6:58)
03. The In And Out Of Love Blues (9:12)
04. ?? (8:36)
05. Turn On Your Lovelight (8:02)
06. Frankenstein (11:56)

*Setlist help and corrections welcome*

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