Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
Which Stage
Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
Manchester, Tennessee

**** This torrent is the CD-Audio standard compatible version.
The sound is in 16-bit stereo sampled at 44.1 kHz.
A higher quality 24-bit/44.1 version will also be available.****

Sound Professionals SP-CMC-2 (cardioid) > SP-SPSB-10 battery module > Edirol R09HR (24/44.1)
Location: Back rail of VIP pen located on left side of soundboard setup; mics at ~ 6' high
SD > HDD > Nero Wave Editor/Audacity > Traders' Little Helper > 16 bit FLAC

Taped by: judifloyd
Transferred and Seeded by: billfloyd

Set List:

01 40 Day Dream
02 That's What's Up
03 Janglin'
04 Man on Fire
05 I Don't Wanna Pray
06 Child
07 Up From Below
08 Truth
09 Fiya Wata
10 Home

Running Time: 1:10:55

A very entertaining show from Edward Sharpe, and we must have had some good karma to record it.
My wife and I run two stealth rigs at these shows, and sure enough one had a wire loose and did
not tape the show. The other was fine. Thank you Judi. In addition, a huge storm was threatening.
We heard "unofficially" that the security staff evacuated a section of VIPs for their safety.
Fortunately, the deluge held off and all we got was some rain and wind. You'll hear a few
light gusts in a couple of spots on the recording , but we like to think it adds to the authentic
Bonnaroo experience. So we left it on. You're welcome.

We'll put some samples up. Hope you enjoy it.

A Team FLOYDZ recording.
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