The Edwin McCain Trio
Featuring Larry Chaney and Craig Shields
12 January 2008
Highline Ballroom
New York, New York

Recorded by: Christopher Jones
Source: DPA 4015-TL Transformerless Handmatched Wide Cardioid > Cardas Audio Golden Reference Cu XLR Interconnect (Matched Propagation, Golden Ratio, Constant Q, Crossfield, Pure Cu, Litz; TeflonĘ / Air Dielectric) > Daniel Weiss Digital Audio Gambit Series ADC2 Integrated Microphone Preamplifier | 24-bit / 192 kHz Analog-to-Digital Converter (@ 176.4 kHz) w/ Cardas Audio Cross AC Mains Power Cable > Cardas Audio Neutral Reference Cu XLR AES / EBU Interconnect (Matched Propagation Golden Ratio, Constant Q, Crossfield, Pure Cu, Litz; TeflonĘ / Air Dielectric) > Sound Devices 722 Hard Disk Recorder (slaved to Weiss ADC2 @ 176.4 kHz; @ 24-bit / 176.4 kHz)
Location: Slightly stageright of DFC, approximately 15 meters from the stage; microphones at 3 meters, ORTF.
HD > .flac: Sound Devices 722 Hard Disk Recorder > Apple Mac Pro (2 x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon / 1GB 667 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM) > Spark XL 2.8.2 > xACT v1.59

Resampled and dithered using T.C. Works' respective highest quality resampling and Ultra-Noiseshaping functions. 24-bit / 176.4 kHz version of this recording available in .flac24.
d1t01 "Ben and Jennifer Marriage Proposal..." 10:56.58
d1t02 Darwin's Children 08:59.34
d1t03 Welcome To Struggleville 06:10.70
d1t04 Sign On The Door 13:17.67
d1t05 Gramercy Park Hotel 07:55.57
d1t06 See Off This Mountain 07:27.39


d2t01 I Could Not Ask For More * 07:32.58
d2t02 One Thing Left To Do 10:55.13
d2t03 Romeo And Juliet ^ 07:25.39
d2t04 I've Seen A Love (No Woman, No Cry #) > 07:49.22
d2t05 I'll Be 08:23.74
d2t06 White Crosses 09:44.15
d2t07 Mad Mission @! 05:02.60


* Diane Warren
^ Dire Straits
# Bob Marley
() Indicates a tease or partial song if not part of a song with a
parenthetical subtitle
> Indicates a segue into the next song
@ Patty Griffin
! Edwin solo acoustic


Microphones positioned near exit; some patron traffic audible throughout set. Chatty crowd at FOH.

Compiled by Christopher Jones 13 January 2008.