EEK A MOUSE 1991-06-22 (Uncirculated Master Audience Recording)


Equipment\Lineage: SHURE SM98 Unidirectional Condenser Mic mounted on baseball cap > SHURE Microphone Preamplifier (Lo-Cut Setting) > SONY Walkman D-6 > Cassette (Tracks 1-15 Maxell Metal 100 minute, Tracks 16-17 Maxell UDXLII-S 90 minute) > Sony TC-WE435 Cassette Deck > PC > Cool Edit Pro Version 2.00 for Tracking, Editing, Graphic Equalization (.wav file) > Traders Little Helper flac level 8

1. Intro\Come Back In The Morning
2. Too Young To Understand
3. Glamity
4. Macho Man
5. Border Patrol
6. Ganja Smuggling
7. Love Me
8. Long Time Ago
9. I Like Them All
10. Terrorists In The City
11. Assassinator
12. D'yer Maker (Led Zeppelin)
13. Hitler\encore cheering
14. Let The Children Play
15. Lonesome Journey (cut after 4:53 for tape flip)
16. Rude Boy
17. Wa Do Dem

Total Time 2:02:33

Another show from my small archive of bootleg cassette recordings. They're coming to light slowly but surely.
I stood plastered against the back wall of this small club, now called The Rock, and captured this audio over 20 years ago. Track 13 (Hitler) has a shrill unexplained noise for about two minutes at the end of the song which somewhat detracts from it. Track 15 (Lonesome Journey) is gently cut near the end of an instrumental section at the end of Side B the 100 minute cassette (Old School!) Otherwise, this is a fairly complete show. Not much else to say about this except that the band is tight and Eek A Mouse is a great performer. He has a very distinctive voice and his is a different brand of Reggae. I had seen him once previously, also in Tucson in 1984 or 1985 at the Temple Of Music & Art. I searched and could not find a single EEK A MOUSE show on DIME so check it out and enjoy.