Eight "Unknown" Scottish Musicians
w. Mark from Glasgow (as special guest appearing on some songs)
Cologan near Oban, Scotland
The Barn
04. August 2013, early session

minimax master-series #291

Master - Audience recording

Equipment: Zoom H4N - with its included microphones

Parking-location: on the field opposite The Barn, beside the brown horse. Sorry, no parking costs.
Catering: "Roast of the day" w. dark brown Bratensauce, flowercole, broccoli, carrots, chips, garlic-pastry
and some merrettich, a pint of lager, two cappuccinos and one mineral-water
Ticket-costs: free concert

Weather-conditions: very hot and sunny, about 18� (for Scotland very hot and sunny - I mean)

Recording-position: exact 1,86 meters from the main sitting-table where all the musicians sat around, putting my Zoom
on the Oberkante of that brown Sofa outside at the Barn.

Sound-quality: very good (+), some talking of the audience during their and our lunch, some talking of the Kellnerinnen
bringing us or the band the beer, some Wuff Wuff by the big dog that was strolling around.
I didn't use my "externs" as we all had a nice lunch and you didn't want to hear only
our schmatzing and Fleisch-Klein-Schneiding.

Tapers-critic of this concert: When we sat outside of The Barn (a nice Pub a bit on the land outside of Oban) at Cologan
one musician after the other appeared and after a quick soundcheck they played their typical scotch-way of garage-rock with
a harp, flutes, guitars, hand-played drums, a pipe, mandolines, a banjo, a bandoneon, sometimes you can hear that before
mentioned dog joining in. Lovely! Great set, great session!!! And it was a big fun!!!




w. Mark (from Glasgow) as special guest

Support your local bands
Go to their concerts
Join in whenever you can
Drink some local beer
Never ever sell this piece of art recorded and made up only for you and for free and for fun

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