Eilen Jewell & Band
Bremen, Germany

01 Rain Roll In (Eilen Jewell)
02 Boundary County (Eilen Jewell)
03 Needle & Thread (Eilen Jewell)
04 Heartache Boulevard (Eilen Jewell)
05 High Shelf Booze (Eilen Jewell)
06 Where They Never Say Your Name (Eilen Jewell)
07 Worried Mind (Eilen Jewell)
08 Rinch Man's World (Eilen Jewell)
09 Santa Fe (Eilen Jewell)
10 Rio Grande (Eilen Jewell)
11 Dusty Boxcar Wall (Eric Andersen)
12 Everywhere I Go (Eilen Jewell)
13 Bang bang bang (Eilen Jewell)
14 I Remember You (Eilen Jewell)
15 Hallelujah Band (Eilen Jewell)
16 Nothing In Rambling (Minnie Memphis)
17 Deep As Your Pocket (Loretta Lynn)
18 Mess Around (Eilen Jewell)
19 You Know My Love (Willie James Dixon)
20 Sea Of Tears (Eilen Jewell)
21 Here With Me (Eilen Jewell)
22 Drop Down Daddy (John Estes Sleepy)
23 If You Catch Me Stealing (Trad.)
24 Songbird (Eilen Jewell)

Eilen Jewell - Jason Beek - Jerry Miller - Shawn Supra

min 100:30

FM (analog cable) - Audacity - xACT

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