Band: Ekoostik Hookah
Venue: Southgate House, Newport, KY
Date: 4th December, 2009

Newport is south of the Ohio River (well, it'd have to be since it's in Kentucky) directly opposite Cincinnati. In fact, the venue is exactly 1 mile from downtown Cincy by road or by boat.

Considering I'd never even heard of this band until last month, THEY WERE AWESOME. I'd stumbled across this gig listing and read a few bits and pieces on the net that suggested they were excellent live. Listened to a couple of tracks on their MySpace page and decided to go for it. I enjoyed it so much that I'm planning a 4 hour round trip downn to Louisville KY to see them again later this month.

This is a fantastic venue, my first time there. A large, acoustically excellent hall with a decent sized bar at the back, a balcony with pub style tables and chairs running round three sides and into the corners of the fourth (ie. the side above the stage).

The "house" has an impressive history - probably the best constructed house in the area since it was built by British prisoners of war in the 1800s and we Brits know how to make stuff to last for centuries. Abraham Lincoln stayed there and a bloke called John Thompson was born and brought up there - he invented the Tommy Gun, without which The Clash could not have had the top 20 hit of the same name.

Back to the serious stuff ....

Dave Katz - keys, acoustic guitar, vocals
Eric Lanese - drums
John Mullins - guitar, vocals
Cliff Starbuck - bass
Steve Sweney - lead guitar

Any and all help with this will be appreciated

Marantz PMD-620 using internal mics recording in CD quality wav format to SD card -> Adobe Audition (EQ and volume optimisation) -> CDWav (tracksplitting) -> TLH (FLAC) -> you

Support the band. Buy their releases. I am about to go online and order as much as I can afford.