Electric Light Orchestra
August 26, 1978
Anaheim Stadium
Anaheim, California

Lineage: Jon Wizardo Master Cassette Tape> Nakamichi Dragon> HHB CDR > CD WAV

"Jon Wizardo has given me all of the cassette tapes he recorded back in his bootleg days. Some were released, or partially released, on vinyl bootlegs, others remain unreleased.
...Some of these transfers will simply represent each side of each cassette as transferred by a friend of mine..... They are all historic recordings and I hope you enjoy them."

01 Intro
02 Standing In The Rain > Night in the City
03 Turn To Stone
04 Can't Get It Out of My Head
05 Cello Solo
---tape flip---
06 Tightrope
07 Telephone Line
08 Rockaria!
09 Violin Solo
---tape flip---
10 Strange Magic > Showdown
11 Mr Blue Sky
12 Sweet Talkin' Woman
13 Evil Woman
14 Do Ya (The Move cover)
15 Encore Break
16 Livin' Thing
17 Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
---tape flip---
18 Roll Over Beethoven