Electric Light Orchestra
Live at Wembley Arena, London
December XXth 1981 (unknown but shows took place between 1st and 10th of December)
London, UK

Audience recording (G)

01 Twilight [4:43]
02 Yours Truly 2095 [3:06]
03 Evil Woman [3:31]
04 Livin' Thing [3:40]
05 Telephone Line [3:59]
06 From The End Of The World [3:49]
07 Here Is The News [3:21]
08 Mik's Violin Solo [4:28]
09 John Lennon Tribute [6:44]
10 Hits Medley [23:29]
11 Hold On Tight [3:29]
12 And the Crowd Goes Wild [1:45]
13 Don't Bring Me Down [5:11]
14 And the Crowd Goes Wild Again [1:53]
15 Roll Over Beethoven [5:48]

Total time: 1:18:56

A rare audio treat (aren’t they all?)from the Time Tour not commonly found on bootleg trading sites. If anybody has any more information about the lineage/origin of this bootleg, that would be much appreciated. Similarly, if anybody has any other bootlegs of ELO not commonly available, I’m happy to keep uploading what I have. Sharing is caring, right? :)

Great tribute to John Lennon in this boot, too!

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