The Electric Light Orchestra Live at the Frankfurt Festhalle 1982-02-13 2nd gen AUD

This is a very high-energy performance! The band pay a special tribute to John Lennon by performing several Beatles numbers.

This is another tape that was bought at a German flea market in the early 1980's. As I have previously said, the "Samstag Flohmarkt" was a once-monthly affair held along the banks of the Rhine on the Mainz side. There was another, much larger one held in Frankfurt, but I only went there once.

Is it still there?

This concert is a direct one-on-one from the master tape. Unfortunately, the tape used was made by KCC. KCC used BASF tape in their own housings. The early ones they distributed tended to fail, and the tape would either stall or break. This one was no exception. At some time in the early 1990's the guts were transfered to a Maxell UDXLII housing, where they remain today. The tape was found to be in poor condition with both leader ends broken off. That was repaired, and a transfer was made.

ELO played most of their songs in a party-style medley during this show, 27 of them in fact. Yours truly used an extremely small pair of digital tweezers to seperate all of them out for you. It's believed the whole thing will just fit on a single CDr, if you don't have any pauses between tracks.

'Nuff ramblings for now. Setlist:

Is That What You Want
Evil Woman
Livin' Thing
Telephone Line
From The End Of The World
The Way Life's Meant To Be
Mik Kaminski Violin Solo
Violin Blues With Band
The Tribute To John Lennon: Nowhere Man
TTTJL: Across The Universe
TTTJL: A Day In The Life
Ma Ma Ma Belle (fades out)
Can't Get It Out Of My Head
Wild West Hero
Turn To Stone
Mr. Blue Sky
Sweet Talkin' Woman
Shine A Little Love
Last Train To London
Do Ya
Hold On Tight
Don't Bring Me Down
Roll Over Beethoven (very beginning cut)

MC 2nd generation: Sound Forge 6.0 ->High end polish, bass boost ->NR, track splitup ->Flac Frontend level 6, sectors aligned and verified.


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