Misty Mountain Festival 2012
Segelflugplatz Lillinghof, Igensdorf, Frankonia, Germany
September - 01 - 2012 (17:45 -> 18:30)


Rec. Info:
Zoom H2 with internal mics (at WAV 16/44) -> SD -> HD -> USB stick -> my HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Not an excellent recording, but no real distortions on this, too. But fantastic music from a young band! A few pics by dear LORD DIE are included as well.

Last summer I was stuck on the decision which late summer festival to attend: Yellowstock in Belgium or Misty Mountain in Frankonia? Both were about the same car rides of 300+ kms
one way. Well, as history said, I decided for Belgium, with a great festival but - inside a city - no real campground (I prefer to sleep in my station wagon car, and only tents were
allowed at Yellowstock). A big bummer, which will make a decision quite easy for '13. If there is not another AQUAMARIA Festival in Brandenburg (the counter festival to Yellowstock, but
located somewhere between Magdeburg and Berlin in Germany)... Well, views of the place tend towards Misty Mountain. Anyway, dear LORD DIE was there, and he captured the "core" of the
musical action. Maybe our TEAM can ROCK you with these "tapes".

3rd recording from small but great Misty Mountain Festival in upper Frankonia features a well known persona of the german kraut/space/stoner rock scene of the 21st century, Mr.
Dave Schmidt. For insiders like me, he's one of the main forces delivering this kind of sound stright from his heart, if it is as SULA BASSANA, or with ZONE SIX or as member of a great
performance at Burg Herzberg, PSYCHEDELIC MONSTER JAM, to name just a few of his projects. Besides that, he's running a very fine mailorder/record label, SULATRON RECORDS.
In Electric Moon he teams up with his better half, Ms. Komet Lulu, and both they create excatly what I wrote before: kraut-space-psych-stoner. As they seem not to have a constant
drummer, it is on this occasion, that Steffen from OBELYSSKH is in the void of banging and bashing. As he did before on the hot and sweaty show at Yellowstock midth August.
So, for those of you, who know Electric Moon, you know what to get. And maybe my description made some more curious about them. Enjoy! SB.


FULL SHOW (45:40 min.)

01. Untitled (20:50)
02. Untitled (24:50) *

* sorry, cut at 11:32 min mark, pasted. Unknown time missing. Maybe battery supply died...


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ELECTRIC MOON at Misty Mountain Festival...

Komet Lulu - bass
Dave Schmidt - guitar, electronics
Steffen - drums

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