Elephant Revival
Phoenix AZ USA
Cresent Ballroom

tascam Dr-05 (int mics) 96 x 24 / Audacity 44.1 x 16
EAC split on sectors / flac 8 / YOU


01 Home In Your Heart
02 Everybody's Wondering
03 The Pasture
04 Stolen
05 Hearts And Tongues
06 Don't Know Love
07 Calling For You
08 Birds And Stars
09 Farthest Shore
10 Flight Patterns Weather
11 When I Fall
12 Petals
13 Have A Cigar
14 The Garden
15 Drop
16 Bound To Be Alone
17 Single Beds Are Made For One
18 Go Home (Keys of the Kingdom)? {new song}
19 Ring Around The Moon
20 Grace OF A Woman
21 This Land Is Your Land*
22 Old Rogue River*

Approx. 1 1/4 hours full set

had to guess at some titles

sound is great as expected from second to last row
in very small venue just right of sound board

someone set up a pro-looking mic and said he would post to archive.org
so look for that (I am)!! untill then this is great !!

*Steve Poltz (opener) joins them for last two songs

BONUS track 23 Poltz w/ Elephant Revival {last two Poltz songs}