Elephant Stone
Hotel Vegas Patio, Austin, Texas, USA
South by Southwest (official showcase, sponsored by Levitation)

Tascam DR-40 (on-board mics) > SD card > Audacity (track splitting and amplification) > flac

1. Unknown
2. Heavy Moon
3. Unknown
4. Unknown
5. The Devil's Shelter (with vocals by Alex Maas)
6. Unknown
7. Unknown
8. Unknown

I was particularly excited for this set, but unfortunately audience chatter gets in the way in the start and again about 2/3 the way through. I edited out some of the worst of it between the first two songs. It's still a great set, and I really liked what I heard. The last song is an 8-minute epic with sitar that just keeps on rocking. I barely know the band's material, so I only have figured out two of the titles so far. If you know the rest, please share!

I wrote a review (including a picture) available here: