Eleventh Dream Day
Trust, Nuernberg, Germany
March - 14 - 1990

From Seethelight7 Collection # 500 - Celebration Time!!!

Rec. Info:
Aiwa Cm 30 Mic -> Sony Wmd6 -> Mastercassette (Tdksa90) -> Playback On Harman Kardon Cd491 -> Zoom H2N (At Wav 16/44) -> Sd -> Hd -> Audacity (Edit/Volume Balance+Boost Only) -> Wav 16/44 ->
Tlh8 -> Flac -> Dime -> Your Ears And Mind...And Awake I Lie...
Well, Of Course, There's Little To Complain About This Recording. A Bit Of Chatter Here And There, But The Music And Vocals Are Very Clear In The Mix. It's Another Great Treasure From The
Cellar Below The Garage Of Dear Seethelight7'S Frankonian Home, Saved Before The Big Spiders Were Going To Cocoon This Forever...

So, We Finally Made It # 500 From Dear Seethelight7'S Tapes (And There Are A Lot More To Be Shared). Me - The Spacebandit - Decided On This Show, As It Gives You A Fantastic Show Of One
Of My All-Time Favourite Bands: The Mighty Great Eleventh Dream Day! You Might Be Wondering, But Not After Listening To This Show. This Is The Perfect Melange Of Neil Yound Inspired Feedback
Attacks, Combined With Chicago Style Garage Rock And Roll And Even A Bit Of Psychedelic 60'S Rock Woven All Together In A Tasty Stew...Yummy!
I've Senn That Band A Few Times During Their Great Days In The Late 80'S, And There Is No, Nothing Disappointing Memory. Their Great Albums Like "Prarie School Freakout", "Beet" Or The Later
"Lived To Tell" Still Get A Regular Play On My Car-Cd. And The Others Like The First Album, Or The Great "Wayne" 12", As Well As The "Borscht" Promo Live Lp Get A Regular Visit To My
Vinyl-Player...(Oh, And The Vinyl-Player Is Even Older Than The Albums!). Anyway, You Guess I'm Much Older Than The Music Here, And That's True, But I Was There To Witness Them On The Top
Of Their Game. Alrighty, I Might Just Stop My Silly Talk, And Let The Music Do What It's Best For: Made Loud To Play Loud! Sb.

Full Show (69:32 Min.)

01. Intro -> Liz Beth (4:47)
02. Between Here And There (4:15)
03. Love To Hate To Love (3:54)
04. Testify (3:56)
05. Tarantula (5:49)
06. Bagdad's Last Ride (4:10)
07. Among The Pines (4:47)
08. Merciless (4:53)
09. Watching The Candles Burn (3:32)
10. Michael Dunne // (3:34) Fadeout Due To Tapeflip
11. Teenage Pin Queen (3:41)
12. Awake I Lie (7:31)
13. Go! (4:28)
14. The Death Of Albert C. Sampson -> (4:31)
15. ... -> Outro (5:38)

@ 11Th Dream Day: Fantastic Show!

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Eleventh Dream Day 1990...

Rick Rizzo - Guitar, Vocals
Janet Beverdige Bean - Drums, Vocals
Douglas Mccomb - Bass
Baird Figi - Lead Guitar