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- April 02, 2007 -
Quasimodo, Berlin, Germany
-- Edirol R-1: SBD master, MWM 0245 --
Janet, Rick, Doug AND Chris Brokaw (CODEINE, COME, STEVE WYNN BAND etc.) !
"dbtr" production -> GET IT ! w/ samples & covers

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VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Alexander "dbtr" for opening your incredible archive !

Here is another stunning recording, a special co-op with fellow DIMEr & friend Hanno...

"Eleventh Dream Day have forged one of the most durable sounds to
emerge from the indie-rock underground. Balancing ragged guitars against
fragile melodies and sweet vocal harmonies, the Chicago group's three
late '80s/early '90s albums perfectly encapsulated the promise - both
artistic and commercial - of post-punk alternative rock."

- Rolling Stone

Eleventh Dream Day is a rock band from Chicago, Illinois

The band was founded by guitarists Rick Rizzo and Janet Beveridge Bean, who met at the
University of Kentucky. After moving to Chicago, Bean and Rizzo joined with guitarist
Baird Figi and bassist Doug McCombs; Bean soon switched over to drums. Their first
self-titled EP in 1987 introduced the hallmarks of EDD's sound: Neil Young-inspired
electric guitar workouts mixed with punk energy.

The band's full-length follow-up, Prairie School Freakout (1988), won critical praise
and the attention of major labels; the band soon signed with Atlantic Records. Followups
Beet (1989) and Lived to Tell (1991) won more strong reviews but didn't sell many copies;
Figi left during the Lived to Tell tour and was replaced by Matthew "Wink" O'Bannon.

The band made a stab for commercial success with 1993's El Moodio, but the effort was
unsuccessful and Eleventh Dream Day was dropped from Atlantic's roster. O'Bannon left
after recording 1994's "Ursa Major" and the band ceased to be a full-time entity; Rizzo
went back to college to earn a degree in education, while Bean and McCombs concentrated
on their other musical projects, Freakwater and Tortoise respectively.

Eleventh Dream Day has since recorded new albums every few years, starting with 1997's
Eighth. Recent albums have balanced the band's Young-influenced approach with an interest
in ambient sound, likely influenced by McCombs's work with Tortoise. EDD released Stalled
Parade in 2000, playing a handful of shows after the album's release with Mark Greenberg of
(the Coctails) assisting on keyboards and other instruments. Zeroes and Ones was released
on April 25, 2006, on Thrill Jockey Records.
"Riot Now!2 was released on March 15, 2011, on Thrill Jockey Records.

When one thinks about rock music, there are several words that come to mind: sex, drugs,
youth, punk and for many years, male. The "manliness" of rock seems to have been solidly
debunked. Is "youth" on the brink? The last few years have seen a surge of critical and
commercial success of bands from the '90s, or otherwise middle-aged artists. Superchunk,
Slint, Come, Gories and many others have reunited to find themselves more popular then
they were back in the day. Sonic Youth, Tortoise, Yo La Tengo, and the Flaming Lips are
some of the most successful artists from the indie community. It is true that critics and
audiences alike embrace new artists with mind bending rapidity thanks to blogs, social
networks, and video technology. The same audience seems equally fast to reward and embrace
artists whose careers began before those championing their virtues were born.
Riot Now!, Eleventh Dream Day's 10th album, is a call back to the urgency of 1988's Prairie
School Freakout, with a string of mostly first takes tracked in one session with few overdubs.
Rick Rizzo, Janet Beveridge Bean, Douglas McCombs and Mark Greenberg revel in their own mixture
of melodic mayhem. The band, while always moderately active in Chicago have not released a
record since 2006. Their 2011 album cover depicts a check out line in a grocery store.
A customer stands glibly in line wearing a shirt that says "Riot Now!" Overhead a security
camera films, and customers move about with blank expressions. The cover and many of the
songs are comments on the contradictions inherit in a desire for large scale social change
while retaining all the creature comforts of prosperity. While this election has shown us
that Americans have less patience, we are largely complacent and unable to take action
beyond complaint. Jason Ankeny described Eleventh Dream Day as "one of the most resilient
and criminally underappreciated bands to rise from the Midwestern underground community.
The career of the noisy guitar unit is a textbook study in alt-rock endurance; despite a
nightmarish major-label tenure, ill-timed roster changes, and commercial indifference, the
group persevered, and emerged as elder statesmen of the Chicago independent scene."
Eleventh Dream Day are a band who make music because they are compelled to. Their motivation
is as pure as it was when they began. They have something to say and they need to say it. The
band are true to the ethos of the punk rock that inspired them. There can be no more perfect
final nail in the coffin of those who still believe rock is the exclusive domain of youth.

Eleventh Dream Day
Tourdaten / Konzerte: 01.04.2007 - 07.04.2007

Genres: Alternative: Indie Rock - Herkunft: USA

Fast zehn Jahre ist es her, dass eine der genialsten und einflussreichsten
"Indierock"-Bands das letzte Mal in Europa auf Tournee war. Nun ist es wieder
soweit: Eleventh Dream Day werden sieben Konzerte an sieben Tagen spielen.
Keines mehr (die normalen Berufe sowie Familien, Babies usw. erlauben einfach
nicht mehr), und danach wahrscheinlich auch für lange Zeit keine weiteren.
Das neue Album ist auf Thrill Jockey erschienen.

"Eleventh Dream Day ist so eine Chicago-Stammbaum-Band mit Rick Rizzo, Janet
Beveridge Bean (Freakwater), Doug McCombs (Tortoise, Brokeback, Pullman) und
Mark Greenberg (Coctails) und ZEROES AND ONES das zehnte Album in 23 Jahren
Bandgeschichte, das erste der Band seit sechs Jahren.
Wir sagen es jetzt ganz laut: Die 90er Jahre kommen zurück! Wie üblich geht
es hier um (amerikanischen) Post-Punk, niedlichen Pixies-Alternative-Pop
(immer wenn Bean ans Mikrofon geht) und verzerrte Neil-Young-Gitarren - Rick
Rizzo hat nie anders spielen können. Neu ist, dass man Eleventh Dream Day nie
so "hart" gehört hat, was einen hübschen Kontrast zu den existentialistischen
Texten ergibt. Ab einem gewissen Punkt im Leben gibt es vielleicht nur noch
Nullen und Einsen und nichts mehr dazwischen."

- Musik-express, 4 Sterne


- TIP Berlin

Eleventh Dream Day spielen 2007 übrigens mit Chris Brokaw (Codeine, Come)...
-> chris will be playing guitar, bass and keys on this tour here:

march 31 -- eleventh dream day -- zwolle, netherlands, at hedon

april 01 -- eleventh dream day -- dresden, germany, at star club

april 02 -- eleventh dream day -- berlin, germany, at quasimodo

april 03 -- eleventh dream day -- karlsruhe, germany, at jubez

april 04 -- eleventh dream day -- weinheim, germany, at cafe zentral

april 05 -- eleventh dream day -- vienna, austria, at WUK

april 06 -- eleventh dream day -- ebensee, austria, at kino

april 07 -- eleventh dream day -- geislingen, germany, at raetschenmuehle

Would you kindly note that THIS TORRENT INCLUDES COVERS ?

Say "thank you" to dbtr !

And, speaking for me as a devoted follower back in the days, check out
their truly incommensurable Joy Division cover "Isolation", track #18 !


It's a "down-by-the-river production" - 'NUFF SAID !

if you're still beset BY DOUBTS,
please check the samples...or better:


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ELEVENTH DREAM DAY (the name of the band)
11th DREAM DAY (different writing)
EDD (shortcut)

Quasimodo (the venue)
Berlin (the city)
Germany (the country)
April 02, 2007 (the date)

Berlin is the capital city of Germany, and is one of the sixteen states of Germany.
It has a population of 3.4 million people,and is Germany's largest city. It is the second
most populous city proper and the eighth most populous urban area in the European Union.
Located in northeastern Germany, it is the center of the Berlin-Brandenburg Metropolitan
Area, comprising 5 million people from over 190 nations. Geographically embedded in the
European Plains, Berlin is influenced by a temperate seasonal climate. Around one third
of the city's territory is composed of forests, parks, gardens, rivers and lakes.
First documented in the 13th century, Berlin was successively the capital of the Kingdom
of Prussia (1701–1918), the German Empire (1871–1918), the Weimar Republic (1919–1933)
and the Third Reich (1933–1945). Berlin in the 1920s was the third largest municipality
in the world. After World War II, the city was divided; East Berlin became the capital
of East Germany while West Berlin became a de facto West German exclave, surrounded by
the Berlin Wall (1961–1989). Following German reunification in 1990, the city regained
its status as the capital of all Germany hosting 147 foreign embassies - and is today a
a world city of culture, politics, media, and science.

The Quasimodo is a jazz club in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg.
The well-known jazz and music venue Quasimodo is located in the cellar of the Delphi movie
palace together with the Quasimodo Cafe - maximum capacity about 350 guests. Built in the
late 1920ies as a cafe with dancing, it became a student waterhole with cabaret in 1967, and
almost promptly one of the most respected jazz clubs, serving all kinds of music today: from
modern jazz to blues, soul, funk, and rock, not to forget Latin American music and world music.

as far as we know NONE of this torrent was used commercially...

the complete concert:

All songs by EDD unless otherwise specified.

CD 1 (60:46.37) - the main set -

01. audience > tuning > "nice to see you" 2:09.16
02. From K to Z § 3:14.38
03. For Martha § 4:01.29
04. Dissolution § 4:06.66
05. -> For Everything § 4:35.72
06. "stage cleaning" 1:57.10
07. Insomnia £ 5:27.58
08. Stalled Parade $ 5:34.10
09. Insincere Inspiration § 4:02.59
10. Dream Of A Sleeping Sheep % 3:57.58
11. The Lure § 2:28.73
12. Awake I Lie & 4:59.65
13. Bagdad's Last Ride & 4:11.20
14. Testify & 4:19.71
15. Lately I've Been Thinking § 3:42.32
16. -> audience noise 1:56.35

CD 2 (31:14.53) - the encores -

encore 1:
17. tuning -> New Rules § 7:03.61
18. -> Isolation [Curtis/Sumner/Hook/Morris] 5:47.57
19. Breakin' In My Heart [Tom Verlaine] 5:55.61
20. -> audience noise 1:24.70

encore 2:
21. Journey with No Maps § 4:46.63
22. Tarantula ¥ -> final crowd noise 6:15.41

total: 60:46.37 + 31:14.53 = 92:01.15 minutes


§ -> from the (back then...) new CD: "Zeros and Ones" (2006)

£ -> from their EDD album "Eighth" (1997)

$ -> from their EDD album "Stalled Parade" (2000)

% -> from their EDD album "Lived To Tell" (1991)

& -> from their EDD album "Beet" (1989)

¥ -> from their EDD album "Prairie School Freakout" (1988)

You can join this one also seamlessly, as there are no useless fades at
the end of #16. and the beginning of #17. Nothing was lost @ this cut.


Rick Rizzo - guitar, vocals
Janet Beveridge Bean - drums, percussion, vocals
Douglas McCombs - bass, guitar
Chris Brokaw - guitar, keyboard, bass

recorded by dbtr, soundboard to CompactFlash memory card

the recording & transfer:

The taper and mixing engineer dbtr cannot remember the brand of cables he
had used during this tour - definitely them expensive ones with 24 carat
fully golden connectors and thick twisted pure silver wires - and he even
won't remember exactly all his particular handholds in the final mix here.

My old colleague hanwaker usually always writes about "his" uploads
of other people's recordings: "Don't ask - I'm just the messenger !"


SBD > EDIROL R-1 > CF-Card > PC > WaveLab4 [cutting & adjusting] >
> WinOnCD 5 [tracking] > flacfrontend [flac] > Server

and what lonetaper did (nearly nothing, as usual...):

Server > DSL Broadcom 161.136 - H30 > ADSL 2+ > Splitter > FRITZ!Box > LAN > "download" >
Motherboard with AMD Multicore Processor, Serial ATA Interface > FLAC files >
> right now: 1TB Western Digital Harddisc with Thermaltake HD Cooler (EVER had a HardDisc burnout ??) >
> Traders Little Helper (test encoded audio files, check audio for SBE, show audio file details) > DIME


-> so NO additional EQ'ing was used here, and none of those
compressors, Sonic Maximizers or other psychoacoustic processors.

original "dbtr" notes:

thank you´s:
Rick & Janet - for the allowance to tape this show
Chris - for making the connections to Rick & Janet
Hanno - for making the connections to Chris

Fades in/out only at begin/end of the show, seamless split between the 2 CDs.
Some minutes of audience noise during the encore breaks are cut out - NO music is lost.

This is a pure SBD recording, so you won't hear that much from the audience...

** DO NOT SELL THIS RECORDING, feel free to give a copy to a friend **
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*********** and don´t forget to attend their concerts *************

this upload here comes directly from the "Men With Microphones" archives.
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And again, VERY SPECIAL THANKS from the bottom of our hearts, to
our friend & fellow DIMEr Alexander for opening his incredible archive.

BIG BIG THANKS TO JANET, RICK, DOUG & especially CHRIS, PLUS everyone involved @ Quasimodo.

And if there's some interest, maybe there is MORE TO COME...
it just depends on YOUR demeanor, and lotta useful comments ;-)

Eleventh Dream Day chops down complacency

Eleventh Dream Day records at a leisurely pace – producing an album once every five years or so.
But it’s not like anybody's slacking off. Day jobs, families, numerous other recording projects
and bands – Rick Rizzo, Janet Bean, Doug McCombs and Mark Greenberg don't have much down time.
So whenever their schedules align and Eleventh Dream Day reconvenes, they're in sprinter's mode.
That was especially true of "Riot Now!" (Thrill Jockey), the latest album in a career that
stretches back to the early '80s.

It was recorded in two days, mostly first takes, after the Chicago band had honed the songs during
a residency at the Hideout. The sound is appropriately violent and unruly, Bean's drums rolling and
tumbling around McCombs' strident bass lines and Rizzo's sheets-of-sound guitar, while Greenberg's
keyboards spackle the cracks in the arrangements with drone.

"I've been playing with a Les Paul (guitar) and Super Reverb, and if you turn it up to '10' in the
studio and let it rip, it sounds really great," Rizzo says of a guitar tone that echoes the mayhem
he routinely raised on stages in the early days of the band. "We're getting ready to play a show
and I realized I had ripped a speaker. My amp couldn't take it anymore. We go away for awhile, but
everytime we get together the band just finds that place automatically. The amazing part is Janet's
drumming. She doesn't rehearse and then she comes in there and plays like she does."

It's a manic style of drumming that feeds off Rizzo's
guitar playing, like a conversation between combatants.

"I love really loud music," Bean says. "But I don't get to play it that much. At home, my husband and
son are always telling me to turn the radio down. So when I get together with this band, there's a pure
adrenaline aspect to it, that sense of abandon. Our practices are not any less intense than our live
performances. Doug plays in a really muscular way and Rick makes these incredibly passionate sounds
on guitar. I just want to be in it."

Her vocals, often intertwined with Rizzo's, add a haunting glow
to "That's What's Coming" and a defiant tone to "Sonic Reactor."

"I sang with a little more abandon than I have in the past," says Bean, whose voice has distinguished
terrific albums by her country duo Freakwater and Horse's Ha, a collaboration with Jim Elkington.
"I tried to pretend I was 16 in a punk-rock band, jumping up and down and acting crazy."

For Rizzo, songwriting these days comes in short bursts. With 4-year-old twins and daily responsibilities
as a Chicago schoolteacher as well as recent collaborations with guitarist Tara Key and Nicholas Tremulis,
John Stirratt and Bun E. Carlos in the band Candy Golde, he doesn't have a lot of time to obsess over
lyrics or melodies. The latest round of songs, he says, was inspired by a mix of books, news and personal
turmoil, everything from Thomas Pynchon's 2009 novel "Inherent Vice" to his "frustration" that the initial
promise of President Barack Obama's presidency has been derailed by politics.

A 2005 commencement address delivered by the late author David Foster Wallace also figured heavily into
the songs. In the speech, Wallace discussed how numb people can become to their everyday lives, to the
point where they're not even aware of their surroundings.

In similar fashion, Rizzo's songs on "Riot Now!" are less an
invitation to rebellion than a protest against complacency.

“On 'Zeroes and Ones' (the previous Eleventh Dream Day album), the idea was similar – don't stand on the
fence," he says. Instead, pick up a saw. The new album's opening track, "Damned Tree," provides a symbolic
starting point for moving ahead with a life that has stagnated.

"That was about a river birch in our backyard that was dead, even though for two years we were hoping it
would come back," Rizzo says with a chuckle. "At some point you just have to cut it down and get on with
it. I think that can apply to our lives too."

Eleventh Dream Day Noisily Show Their Roots with Covers of Joy Division and Brian Eno

Almost 30 years (gasp!) into their career and 23 years after their first long-player, Eleventh Dream Day
recently released their tenth album, "Riot Now!". In celebration of that release, they have also trickled
out a couple of bonus-track covers where they pay tribute to Joy Division and Brian Eno. On both covers
they show no signs of slowing down, playing with a fury that puts young punkers to shame.
On Joy Division’s "Isolation," the band stay true to the feel of the original: driving bass and desperate
lead vocals. The fidelity of this live recording even sounds similar to that of the live version on "Still".
Their version of Eno’s "I'll Come Running," though, stands as a complete makeover. They ditch Eno's dreamy atmosphere and trippy piano in favor of driving, distorted guitars and a closing solo in the mold of
Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

PLEASE support the artists, visit their concerts,
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Check out the following websites:

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- March 24, 2011 -
Philipshalle, Duesseldorf, Germany
-- 24 Bit/96 KHz dig. AUD. master, MWM 0243 --
-> A MUST HAVE! w/ samples, covers & BONUS

- March 24, 2011 -
Philipshalle, Duesseldorf, Germany
-- 16 Bit/44.1 KHz dig. AUD. master, MWM 0244 --
-> A MUST READ! w/ samples, covers & BONUS

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