Eli 'Paperboy' Reed & the True Loves
BBC Radio 2
Lamarr session
July 2008

File 210 mb
Time 33.43
Lineage analogue FM tuner R1 Cooledit Flac TLH (compression 6) aligned

Sounds as though Otis may have been an influence
Lamarr likes the band and brought them over for a session
Eli "Paperboy" Reed & The True Loves New Album Roll With You out on Q Division Records 4/29/2008


01.Interview Pt1
02.Stake Your claim
03.Interview Pt2
04.It's Easier
05.Interview Pt3
06.Am I Wasting My Time
07.Interview Pt4
08.I'm Gonna Getcha Back
09.Interview Pt5
10.Boom, Boom
11.Interview Pt6/outro


Eli "Paperboy" Reed: Guitar and Singing
Ryan "Man Hawk" Spraker: Guitar and Harmony Vocals
Mike "Money" Montgomery: Bass Guitar/Upright Bass and Harmony Vocals
Andy "Funkatron" Bauer: Drums
Paul "Fidgety" Jones: Tenor Sax/Baritone Sax
Ben "Robocop Scientist" Jaffe: Tenor Sax
Patriq "Strange Affection" Moody: Trumpet and MC
Emeen "Bay Area Funk" Zarookian: Tambourine, Guitar and Backing Vocals


01.Interview Pt1 BBC 2008.flac:0578ef187af072083d0d4ebc58dee21e
02.Stake Your Claim BBC 2008.flac:931b6e09aa694c495ec2504f572fc08c
03.Interview Pt2 BBC 2008.flac:ed62b9d1b7cae7c28cd8acdf6e1578e3
04.It's Easier BBC 2008.flac:90d4baea29fb3ec9d6057608857807e7
05.Interview Pt3 BBC 2008.flac:60f5853ee9e3cc84d57bf5dc0e5e83af
06.Am I Wasting My Time BBC 2008.flac:31df3bc0f07d547de8a949d0d5fb40e6
07.Interview Pt4 BBC 2008.flac:a1c56874743e0609639b35423d31a11c
08.I'm Gonna Getcha Back BBC 2008.flac:5ec10705b96c768e094283209997374f
09.Interview Pt5 BBC 2008 .flac:afefee74abe91a93229803cc9691bb6f
10.Boom Boom BBC 2008.flac:2a49067d5c8b99a53316b49422e72e9d
11.Interview Pt6 and outro BBC 2008.flac:6fa7fef6420eeb121eb9e5b8d9efd6eb