Eliza Gilkyson and Robert McEntree
In the Woods
may 30 2006
Lage Vuursche - the Furs
The Netherlands

Eliza: vocals, acoustic guitar
Robert: electric guitar, vocals

recorded and mixed by songhunter
editing by Andre

microphones vocals: Eliza - Shure SM87 beta / Robert - Sennheiser E845
microphone guitar Eliza - oktava MK-102 (only for recording)
microphone guitar Robert - Studio Projects B1 in cabinet system (only for recording)
(5 inch from small tube amp)
4 lines in (direct) to and 2 lines out from Bose personalized amplification system (vocals / guitar)
the four canals direct mixed to two tracks DAT

(small venue -- sold out: audience 130 people, all seated)


1. borderline
2. paradise hotel
3. not lonely
4. beauty way
5. separated
6. dark side of town
7. tender mercies
8. man of god
CD 2
1. welcome back
2. fall into the night
3. highway nine
4. hard times in babylon
5. coast
6. twisted
7. heart of a man
8. jedidiah 1777
9. think about you
10. requiem
11. calm before the storm
12. take of your old coat
13. the ballad of yvonne johnson
14. bare necessities

all tracks written by Eliza Gilkyson and published by Gilkysongs/BMI except:
- paradise hotel (chorus written by Gary Brooker and Keith Reid)
- beauty way (Eliza Gilkyson and Mark Andes)
- dark side of town (Eliza Gilkyson and Nancy Gilkyson)
- take of your old coat (Terry Gilkyson, Richard Dehr and Sam Eskin)
- the ballad of yvonne johnson (cowritten by Yvonne Johnson)
- bare necessities (Terry Gilkyson)

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