Eliza Gilkyson & Jens Lysdal
Concert "In The Woods"
Lage Vuursche - The Furs
The Netherlands
April 27 2012

Excellent Soundboard/Matrix Recording
Recorded And Uploaded By Songhunter
Mp3 Samples In The Comments

What Can I Say, A Brilliant Gig! A Sort Of Homecoming After Three Years.
This One Was Sold Out For Months.

Dedicated To A German Dime Member Who Lost My Email Note After Visiting This Gig...

Set #1
001 Intro
002 Blue Moon Night
003 Talk
004 Emerald Street
005 Talk
006 I'am A Child (Neil Young)
007 Talk
008 Death In Arkansas (Tony Gylkyson)
009 Talk
010 Rose At The End Of Time
011 Talk
012 Beauty Way (Eliza Gilkyson, Mark Andes)
013 Talk
014 Where No Monument Stands (William Stafford, John Gorka)
015 Talk
016 Heart Of A Man
017 Talk
018 Dark Side Of Town (Eliza Gilkyson, Nancy Gilkyson)
Set #2
019 Welcome Back
020 Talk
021 Fall Into The Night
022 When You Walk On
023 Borderline
024 Talk
025 Paradise Hotel (Eliza Gilkyson, Keith Reid, Gary Brooker)
026 Talk - Tuning
027 Mama's Got A Boyfriend
028 Tender Mercies
029 Talk
030 Bellarosa (Eliza Gilkyson, Cordelia Castillo, Jorge Castillo)
031 Lights Of Santa Fe
032 Talk
033 Slouching Towards Bethlehem
034 Talk
035 Beautiful World
036 Bare Necessities (Terry Gilkyson)

All Tracks By Eliza Gilkyson Except Where Noted
Eliza Gilkyson: Vocals, Ac. Guitar, Footstomp, Ac. Piano On Track 035
Jens Lysdal: E. Guitar, Vocals

Recording Tech.
Line 1: Vocals Eliza : Akg C535Eb
Line 2: Ac. Guitar Eliza: Art Tube Pre-Amp
Line 3: E. Guitar Jens: Sennheiser Md421 In Front Of Fender Blues Deluxe
Line 4: Ac. Piano: Oktava Mk012 Behind Piano (Close Miking)
Line 5: Ac. Piano: Rode Ntk Above Piano
Line 6: Footstomp : Art Tube Pre-Amp
Line 7/8: Room: 2 Oktava's Mk012 [X-Y] On Stand Behind The Audience
Line 9: Vocals Eliza Piano: Sennheiser E854

All Tracks Mixed On The Fly To 2 Tracks Stereo On An Edirol R09Hr
Some Minor Editing On This Recording (Compression In Soundforge 9.0)

Please No Mp3 Distribution On The Internet Etc, No Transfers On Other Sites.
Enjoy !