A Robert Collins master recording.

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald w/ Joe Pass
Date: 10/31/1981
Location: Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Seats: I forget
Deck: Nakamichi 350
Mics: Nakamichi CM-300
Source: A:C Master Tape, Stereo
Rating: B/B+
Length: 64 Mins

Musicians: Ella Fitzgerald: Vocals; Keeter Betts: Bass; Jimmy Rowles: Piano;
Bobby Darham: Drums;

Guest Artist: Joe Pass: Guitar

Notes: This isn't really as good as most of my master recordings,
but it's Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass. Regardless, the show
is quite listenable.

I actually went to two concerts this night. First we saw
Ella Fitzgerald @ Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, then we drove
all the way across LA into Santa Monica to see
Jack DeJohnette at McCabes Guitar Workshop for the late show.
I think I even had two different sets of friends who went to
each show with me.

Includes SureThing CD album artwork.

AUD> Nakamichi 350 Cassette (Master Tape)
---> Nakamichi 550 Playback
---> Digi96-PAD (import into computer)
---> Sound Forge
---> CD Architect
---> EAC
---> FLAC

Sound sample:

Regions List: Ella CD.wav
-------Start ----------End -------Length Name----------------------
00:00:00.000 00:03:48.994 00:03:48.994 The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else
00:04:23.266 00:06:08.258 00:01:44.992 Give Me the Simple Life
00:06:28.506 00:10:03.811 00:03:35.305 Ain't Misbehavin'
00:10:15.973 00:14:27.561 00:04:11.587 Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)
00:14:44.186 00:20:50.255 00:06:06.068 Willow Weep For Me
00:21:10.781 00:24:00.380 00:02:49.598 (The End Of) A Beautiful Friendship
00:24:14.346 00:27:21.293 00:03:06.946 Old MacDonald (Had A Farm)
00:27:21.293 00:28:13.386 00:00:52.093 Band Introductions
00:28:13.386 00:34:27.504 00:06:14.118 Take The A-Train
00:34:42.453 00:40:17.104 00:05:34.651 Body And Soul
00:40:41.986 00:44:30.944 00:03:48.958 Somewhere In The Hills
00:44:53.786 00:49:26.767 00:04:32.980 Without A Love Of My Own
00:49:39.746 00:52:13.300 00:02:33.554 Straighten Up And Fly Right
00:52:27.906 00:54:47.945 00:02:20.038 Cool Breeze
00:55:09.666 00:58:12.373 00:03:02.706 All Right, OK You Win
00:58:12.373 01:00:05.120 00:01:52.746 Off Stage
01:00:05.120 01:03:52.759 00:03:47.639 I've Got A Crush On You

MD5 Fingerprints:

07ac655d7d2c77ce0c57c3a4e79eb529 *1.01 The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else.flac
a4fe4fd976a2034e8792f10117d920a4 *1.02 Give Me the Simple Life.flac
6e7512751599c37803aa98a55af3325c *1.03 Ain't Misbehavin'.flac
6c342b18b41c4031bd39a5eefd90c6cb *1.04 Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love).flac
b3eb883626424085cf60ab5a2ec022d2 *1.05 Willow Weep For Me.flac
9b721432f4af90d3060e38015da5c3a0 *1.06 (The End Of) A Beautiful Friendship.flac
ddb7e228e1e7920ca0011bfbbbc7e0a7 *1.07 Old MacDonald (Had A Farm).flac
0d0033173e5b8fef38da7a295d3097e4 *1.08 Band Introductions.flac
f73a12be99eaf8cdafc0611238d16844 *1.09 Take The A-Train.flac
41feaf5b9b652249f1b76bba829a58c3 *1.10 Body And Soul.flac
46a04703175a8b78a1fad8310535a9cf *1.11 Somewhere In The Hills.flac
78f9ca145d08138639ad4d2ebc31f2ca *1.12 Without A Love Of My Own.flac
bb00e21fc5d0620f63a7c6ab8f7d5ec7 *1.13 Straighten Up And Fly Right.flac
2faafb52536004ed7f3991ee671a24b1 *1.14 Cool Breeze.flac
1ccc3744eb6396d3b8764c32097e81fc *1.15 All Right, OK You Win.flac
f788d31e5f710fcd714a591ce7468005 *1.16 Off Stage.flac
1d21edeeee15eddefc9baa1194cb6cac *1.17 I've Got A Crush On You.flac