Elle King Moline Il Sept 15 2016

We got to see Elle King open for teh Dixie Chicks! She's a lot of fun live, I look forward to getting to see her do a full
set and really open up.

So, she did an opening set some 35 minutes or so. It was fun but of course she didn't do some of the songs we love on her album
but she did some stuff we didn't know but enjoyed. The tape came out pretty good, I hope people listen to her and go see her
live! I took a lot of photos just because that's what I do. There was not much to see as is true with so many opening bands,
not much set up or lights etc. I'll toss in a good shot of Elle.

We had sith row almost dead center, sound was as good a s can be expected for an opener. The recording came out accordingly.

The set list (it took me some time to find names for several of these songs!)
01 Jackson
02 I can't be loved
03 Good to be a Man
04 Good for Nothing Woman
05 The Compromise
06 Chain Smoking Hard Drinking Woman
07 Aint Gonna Drown
08 Oh Darlin
09 Ex's and Oh's
10 America's Sweetheart

I looked for the names of Band Members but don't find them online. She had a great band with her.

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