Elliott Murphy & The Normandy All Stars

Le Noirmont "Le Chant du Gros" Festival - 2006/09/06

Soundboard Recording : Pierre ( thanks again )

Elliott Murphy - lead vocal - guitar - harmonica
Olivier Durand - lead guitar - backing vocals
Alan Fatras - drums
Laurent Pardo - bass

special guest Beverly Jo Scott guitar & vocals !!

02-You're Gonna Chase Love Away (Max's Kansas City)
03-40 Days and 40 Nights
05-Green River
06-You Never Know what You're In for
07-On Elvis Presley's Birthday
08-Elliott presents Beverly JO Scott
09-Let It Out (Let it All Hang out)* (The Hombres)
10-Take your Love Away*
11-Selling the Gold*
12-Beverly's speaking
14-Diamonds by the Yard*
15-Piece of my Heart (Janis Joplin)*
16-LA Woman/Baby Please don't Go/LA Woman*

* With Beverly Jo Scott

No Artwork yet

this is a very nice show...with Beverly Jo Scott in special Guest !!
really rare to hear Beverly and Elliott singing a Janis's song...Piece of my heart !..GREAT !
Beverly is one of the best singer who can cover Janis with talent like Melissa Etheridge too !

enough reason to get this gig !

thanks Gudi to have remember me that would be a good thing to upload this show here !!!

ENJOY !!!!!

Martial (spirits)

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